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18 Nov 2014

Want To Release Your Mobile Game Internationally via Google Play? Consider Hong Kong

Have you been contemplating breaking into an international market? You should be. Localizing your indie games and releasing them into new markets is one of the best ways to grow your indie studio quickly – especially if you are a mobile developer and wanting to make your mark on Google Play. Which market is the most lucrative at the most? That’s simple: China.

Or more specifically, Hong Kong.

According to Metaps, Hong Kong, “is an app market with particular influence on mainland China, and is a particularly effective starting point for developers planning to expand into Asia.” Add to the fact that Google Play is not available in mainland China but is available in Hong Kong, and one thing becomes certain: because Hong Kong has such a large influence on the rest of China, the best way to reach this market is to target Hong Kong first.

Metaps also showcases the top three categories for the most popular free and top grossing games on Google Play:

  • RPGs
  • Strategy Games
  • Casual Games

It’s also worth mentioning that mobile developers that wish to break into the Japanese market via Google Play, Taiwan is also an area worth pursuing. Ranking #5 in worldwide sales for Google Play (and ranking #1 worldwide for average smartphone use), it’s reflective of Japan’s mobile market, meaning you can see what works and does not work before releasing your mobile game in Japan. The top grossing and free games in Taiwan? You guessed it: RPGs and casual games. Even more interesting? Hong Kong and Taiwan share traditional Chinese as the common language of the land, meaning you could easily test the waters of the Japanese market in Taiwan while releasing your mobile game in Hong Kong. It’s a great way to ease your way in to two of the world’s most lucrative mobile markets!

Have any questions or comments about breaking into the Hong Kong and Taiwan mobile markets? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metaps

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