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24 Jun 2014

Using Twitter’s In-Stream Image Feature to Increase Brand Awareness

Continuing yesterday’s topic of using images that are shareable on social media, if you are solely using Facebook to share images your followers will enjoy in order to increase your fan base (and ultimately, your brand’s awareness) – stop. It is worth the effort to also use Twitter to share images to your followers as well. The best part about it? It is possible to use Twitter to make your in-stream images stand out among the tweets in each of your follower’s home page as well.

How do you do this? Below are a few tips that will ensure that your that your in-stream images on Twitter catch your follower’s eyes, thus bringing attention to your brand and hopefully, increasing the sales of your indie games.


Tweet multiple pictures simultaneously

One of Twitter’s best new features is the ability to Tweet multiple pictures simultaneously. It is now possible to tweet four images at the same time, thus giving you a perfect opportunity to tell a creative four-frame story about your indie game. Vine’s are a perfect example of how to tell quick stories and send out a fast message in a matter of seconds – and Twitter’s new feature isn’t any different! Just image what types of stories you could tell regarding the development of your indie titles!

We suggest that you upload your images using the Twitter app. By doing so, you will be able to edit your photos before you actually upload them.



We’re not talking about a game of tag or even running around your neighborhood ‘tagging’ buildings with spray paint (seriously, don’t do that). Instead, we’re taking about tagging people in your pictures. By doing so, you will increase the odds of the person tagged to retweet your picture and reach an even bigger audience.

Tagging is also a great way to draw attention to a new game as well

With convention season well underway, this is a great opportunity to use Twitter’s tagging feature to increase your brand awareness even further – especially if it’s with someone with a lot of Twitter followers!

When uploading an image to Twitter, you will spot a ‘Who’s in this Photo’ query. Click it, and this will bring up a list of people that you currently follow. You can tag 10 people in your shared images. It’s a great way to obtain the same benefit as mentioning without wasting characters. Thus, every time you upload a picture, make it a habit to at least tag another person!


Ensure your Instagram images show up on Twitter

Do you use Instagram often? Have you found yourself wishing that your Instagram photos could also show up in Twitter? Now it can, but I’m  going to go a step beyond. Using this tip, your Instagram photos will actually appear in-stream on Twitter!

You will be using the awesome tool If This, Then That (or IFTTT – a tool we’ve talked about before). It’s simple to create an IFTTT ‘recipe’ that will automatically post your Instagram photos as a tweet that will also show up as a photo in-stream on Twitter! After signing you’re your IFTTT account, simply click this link here, select ‘Use Recipe,’ sync your Twitter and Instagram accounts with IFTTT, select ‘Activate,’ accept the permission requests for both Twitter and Instagram, and follow the self-explanatory on-screen instructions that follow. Within 15 minutes, your Instagram photos will automatically be posted to in-stream on Twitter going forward! Easy as that!


Twitter is another great avenue for sharing your images. No, it isn’t the first platform you think about when sharing images, but in due time, that is going to change. More brands are using Twitter to share images than ever – and it’s all thanks to Twitter’s in-stream image sharing feature that allows anyone to see full images directly in their feed. It’s an awesome feature that will drive traffic to your brand if utilized correctly – so start using it today!


Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!

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