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8 May 2014

Using Humor Effectively in Your Social Media Activities

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Yesterday, I mentioned how to engage your followers better than ever during your daily social media activities. Yet, one of the tactics I failed to mention was using humor to engage your followers. It’s a topic that is worthy of its own post, so without further ado, let’s get to it! Here are the best ways to use humor properly to engage your followers better than ever.

Word of advice: always use clean humor!

It’s a no-brainer, but remember to never be controversial. Always ask yourself if that tweet, Facebook post, etc. is worth making your followers upset about (hint: it isn’t). If you believe someone will be insulted by the humor, don’t use it. It’s better to play it safe when it comes to humor and keep your humor clean. If you do offend a part of your audience, you could have a social media firestorm on your hands – and nobody wants that!

Use wit

There’s a small bagel restaurant in my neighborhood that posts witty updates on their Facebook Page on a regular basis, and they constantly get engagement. It isn’t like they are masters of wit either – they’re simply cheerful and do not take their Facebook Page too seriously. You can just tell that the people running the restaurant love doing their job, and by being cheerful in their posts, they’re able to be incredible witty whenever possible.

Write down witty things regarding your indie studio that come to your mind. You’ve certainly thought of something witty while working or even while running errands, right? Collect these witty anecdotes whenever they come to your mind, then post them onto your social media page. It’s crazy how much engagement witty posts can get, but then again it isn’t surprising. Everyone loves to laugh, and if you make your followers laugh? They’re going to reward you with engagement.

Never take your brand too seriously

It’s a lesson the bagel restaurant practices to perfection. You are undoubtedly serious about your indie studio – as you should be. Even so, a social media page that is full of nothing but serious, boring content should be avoided at all costs. A great way to do this is to give your followers a look into your studio’s day-to-day operations (as mentioned in yesterday’s post), which will give you the perfect opportunity to be humorous and draw engagement.

Taking yourself too seriously is a great way to drive your followers away. You’ve seen these types of social media pages too often. The business solely posts updates about the business and nothing more. Many times, it sounds like a robot wrote these updates, and if your page reads like it was written by a robot? You have problems.

Personality. Humor. Wit. Incorporate all of these things into your social media posts on a regular basis. Let your guard down, and you’ll engage your audience like never before.

Ensure your humor is related to your brand

It may be fun to make fun of a flub by a celebrity, but how does this help your indie studio? It doesn’t. Maybe it will get a laugh or two from your followers, but at the end of the day, this isn’t going to drive more sales of your games. However, you can bend the incident into being related to your brand (another tactic we discussed yesterday).For example, if a celebrity tripped and fell on a talk show, resulting in the footage going viral, merely commenting on how embarrassed they may have been and stopping there would do nothing to help your brand.

The best approach would instead be to post something along the lines of, “[insert celebrity here]looked embarrassed after the fall, maybe they should have stayed home and played [your studio’s game]instead.” A generic example, but you get the picture.

Have fun

If you are not having fun engaging with your followers, then you’re doing something wrong. Have fun with these humorous posts, because if you don’t, your audience is going to be able to tell when the comedy is forced and when it’s natural. Follow this advice, and your followers will engage with your product more than ever, resulting in added sales.

Do you have any advice for using humor to engage with your audience via social media? Let us know in the comments below!

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