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16 Jul 2014

Using Google+ to Market Your Studio? Consider These Tips

While Google+ isn’t necessarily the hottest social media platform out there, it’s still worth using to promote your indie studio – especially since so many professionals use Google+. To ensure that you are using Google+ appropriately, you need to consider the following tips below. Use them appropriately, and you will grow your brand even more.


The beauty of comments

One of the most powerful things about Google+ is the ability to close comments on a particular post. If you have used Google+ for even a brief period of time, you will know that when someone comments on a post, they receive notifications whenever someone comments on said post after them. Use this to your benefit. To end the conversation and have the last say on your post, disable the comments  by clicking on the upper right of the post and simply choosing ‘disable comments.’

Now, why would you want to do this? Because it’s a great way to find leads! Consider this scenario:

Let’s assume you have a post showing the trailer for your upcoming indie game. Yet, you need people to playtest the game. There are several comments regardinghow great the game looks, how much they want to play it, etc. After the discussion has died down a bit, you can close the comments section directly after you post this message:

“Thanks for the kind words everyone. We will need playtesters very soon, so if you want information on how to become one, +1 this comment and we will be in touch with you at a later date.”

Now, everyone that engaged in the post is going to see your comment – after all, if they’re using any Google product they are being notified they have a notification on every Google-branded page. Once they read your message and +1 your comment, then you have a list of potential playtesters. Simply add them to one of your circles (perhaps entitled ‘Playtesters’), and you can message that circle directly when it’s time for playtesting.

This tactic can come in handy when trying to find leads for anyone. How handy is that?



Scheduling makes posting updates on your social media platforms insanely easy – and scheduling on Google+ is no different. Using the DoShare plugin, it will allow you to share your posts whenever you desire. Simply click the DoShare button in your browser whenever you find relevant content you want to share (i.e. on your blog), add it to your queue, and you’re ready to go. Just be sure you are using Google Chrome!


Make your visuals stand out

As with other social media platforms, ensuring that your images that stand out is the best way to get noticed on Google+. When sharing a link, you may not think twice about the harm Google+ grabbing an image from the link you are sharing. Avoid doing this, as your post isn’t going to stand out.

On the contrary. Take images from your post (the one you want to be displayed when sharing your post on Google+), and ensure it takes up a considerable amount of space. An image that is tall and skinny is sure to be eye-catching, but don’t stop there. Ensure the image is fun to look at, uses attractive colors, and is simply appealing.

Don’t opt for a boring image that isn’t eye-catching. Spruce your images up a bit and make them stand out!

And if you can find relevant indie-related charts worth sharing (or if you know how to make charts), share these as well. Just like infographics, people eat these up!


Do you have any comments or questions about marketing via Google+? Let us know in the comments below!

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