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24 Jun 2014

Use Your iDevice to Record Videos For Indie Game Marketing Purposes

Now more than ever, it’s simple to market your indie game via video footage. Can’t afford an expensive video camera? You don’t need one! Your iDevice is suitable enough for recording top-quality video footage used for marketing purposes, thus bringing us to our first point:


Capture video footage easily from your iPhone/iPad

The current generation of mobile iDevices allow you to record 1080p HD video via iMovie. The beauty of iMovie is not only is it powerful, but it’s absolutely free and simple to use. Best of all? Once you are finished, you can upload your footage to Vimeo or YouTube instantaneously!

But wait: you need some accessories!


Buy a tripod

You don’t want your video footage to be shaky, right? Then you need a tripod  before you starting recording. First, purchase a standard tripod (easy enough, right?). Next, you need tofind the appropriate attachments for the triod.If you are using an iPhone, the best tripod to use is the Anycase. For iPad owners? Makayama’s tripod mount is ideal as it allows iPad owners to steady their iPad very easily.


Stellar audio is a must

If your audience hates the way your video’s audio sounds, they are going to stop watching your video altogether – end of story. While the latest versions of iDevices record top-quality video, they unfortunately do not record awesome audio. It’s good enough, but for marketing videos related to your indie studio? You need something better.

Thus, invest in a top-quality microphone that you can plug directly into your iDevice’s headphone jack. If you will be speaking on camera, you need a lapel mic that you can pin onto your shirt to ensure the best possible audio quality. Alternatively, if you want to do interviews on-camera, a handheld mic setup may be suitable as well.

Mics change all the time – and their prices fluctuate as well. Consider going to an audio store that allows you to test microphones before you buy them in order to find the best mic (and setup) that is ideal for you.

Great mics fluctuate as well. Some cost as much as a few hundred dollars (or even in the thousand-dollar range) while others will run you under a hundred bucks. Do your homework, test drive a few of them (again, find an audio store that will allow you to do this), and find which mic is best for you (at the best price possible).


Finishing touches

After recording your footage, simply open up iMovie on your iDevice, select the video footage, add music or various special effects if you desire, and there you have it! Your video footage is ready to be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube.


Want to know how to market your video footage so the maximum amount of people can view it? Well, that’s coming in a later post (likely tomorrow)!


Have any questions or comments regarding using your iDevice to creating marketing footage for your indie studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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