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9 Jun 2014

Use ‘Google Hangouts On Air’ to Promote Your Studio

If you are looking for a unique, solid way to promote your indie studio, then you need to consider Google Hangouts On Air. Essentially a way to broadcast your brand from the comfort of your office, it’s a great way to livestream your content in HD-quality video while conversing with your audience in real-time. It’s like a talk show – except the world is your guest. It’s a cool twist on conversing with your audience and allowing them to learn more about what your brand is all about. But with everything related to marketing, there are a few solid tips you need to keep in mind to ensure you make the most out of Google Hangouts On Air. Here are a few of the best tips to ensure you are making Google Hangouts On Air work for you.


Do it right: get decent equipment

The built-in webcam and microphone on your laptop sadly probably isn’t going to do a proper job broadcasting your content to the world. For less than $100, you can buy a decent desk microphone (or headset if you prefer to go that route) and an HD webcam that will ensure your voice and video sounds great. There’s no need to buy the best equipment possible (after all, if you don’t have to break the bank – don’t). Rather, buy equipment that will ensure your broadcasts look good-to-great.

In addition, you want to make certain that your network can handle the amount of bandwidth your hangouts pump out. You need to ensure that your upload and download speeds range at least between 1-2 mbps. Furthermore, ensure that your network isn’t being clogged up during a live event. Nothing is worse than having a lot of people join your livestream only to have it hounded by latency issues.

Conduct a speed test to see if your network is up to standards. If not, consider increasing your bandwidth permanently. And if your ISP throttles your regularly? It’s probably time to find another one.


Futureproof your important streams

The beauty of Google Hangouts On Air is that your livestreams will be displayed as a video on YouTube directly after the stream ends. Because of this, you need to make certain that your video’s titles are optimized in a way to take full advantage of all relevant traffic stemming from Google, Bing, etc. This will ensure that your livestream works for your brand long after the livestream is over.


Gameplans are a must

For Google Hangouts On Air to work for you, you need viewers. That’s a given, so what can you do? Create a Google+ Event to display on your website or other social media page. This will allow you to include proper information about the subject of your livestream, guests (if any), and gives your audience a place to state whether they will be attending the event.

As for you, it is crucial that you drive people to this event page via social media, blog posts, etc. For those that register, they will receive a reminder via email that the date is coming soon in case they have forgotten. It’s another great way to make Google Hangouts On Air work for you!


The little things

Finally, you need to show off your branding whenever you get a chance. Always mention where people can go to find out more information about your studio and your indie games. Moreover, create a schedule to conduct Google Hangouts On Air livestreams on a regular basis so that you can continue to build on your audience and make Google Hangouts On Air work for you.

Last but not least: ensure that your YouTube channel is working for you as well. Your YouTube chancel is going to become the spot for all of your new video content. Make certain you optimize it with relevant information about your studio such as important links, relevant information about your brand, etc.

Google Hangouts On Air is a lot like having your own podcast – except it’s a great way to ensure that your audience is able to communicate with you in real-time. Whether you want to have a livestreaming launch party for your upcoming indie game, want to show off your newest content once a week, or something else entirely, there are many reasons why Google Hangouts On Air should be in your marketing gameplan.


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