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17 Jul 2014

Use Facebook’s ‘Pages to Watch’ to Track Your Competition

How enticing does that sound? Probably quite if you care about what other indie studios are doing to grow their fanbase (and you should care). Using Facebook Pages, you can compare what other pages are doing and use what is working for them  for your own game plan. The following explains how to track exactly what other indie studio’s pages are doing and how to appropriately use their game plan for your own marketing tactics.


Pages to Watch

The tool you will be using to track your competition’s pages is called Pages to Watch. To use it, go to your Insights page, select ‘Overview,’ then scroll down to the ‘Add Pages’ section. You can then begin creating a list of pages to watch (select at least five), and the more pages you watch? The easier it will be to find trends among the other pages.

To add pages, select the blue ‘Add Pages’ button and type the name of a page in the search bar. Find a suitable page to follow, select ‘Watch Page,’ and it will be added to your list. And because Facebook will suggest pages for you to look at based on the pages you have looked at in the past, you will always have leads.

You should also consider watching pages that many of your fans already like. To find these, in the search box at the top of the homepage, type ‘Pages liked by people who like [insert your page name]’ and you will see the data you’re looking for.


Pinpointing what works

What’s awesome about Pages to Watch is it tells you the exact content that is working on your page as well as among your competition. Thus, this allows you to pinpoint exactly what works for your page as well as other pages. Notice that other pages similar to yours are getting better engagement by sharing videos? Then share videos. Are followers engaging with posts that are only a few words long? Then focus on posting more posts with short messages.

It’s like being the coach of a sports team and being able to see other team’s playbooks along with statistics showing how successful each play has been per team thus far.


It isn’t perfect, though

Sure, you can see what works best for each page and what doesn’t, but each page is different. Audiences are not created equally. The core of one audience may prefer long-winded posts while others may want merely memes posted on the page. It differs from page-to-page. Thus, Pages to Watch won’t tell you everything you need to know to get the best results.

You need to test, test, and test some more to discover exactly what works best for your page.

To help you out further, take a look at how often other pages on your watch list post and how it ultimately affects how others engage with them. Take a look at what time of the day they are posting, what time of the day they get the most shares, comments, likes, etc. Again, experiment with what works and what doesn’t.

Pages to Watch is fantastic. Compare, contrast, see what works and what doesn’t, and engage with your followers in order to build your brand like never before.


Have any questions or comments about Pages to Watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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