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6 Aug 2014

Use the Facebook Pages App For Marketing Your Indie Studio

If you want to manage your Facebook Page away from your home office, you will be glad to know that Facebook offers an app called ‘Facebook Pages.’ It’s available for iOS and Android, and believe me: it can be a lifesaver whenever you need to respond to activity on your Facebook Page immediately. Moreover, the apps are quite user-friendly, so you are never going to feel as if you are fighting an uphill battle as you try to manage your Page via the app.


But do I really need it?

Absolutely. You need to be prepared to deal with any questions your customers may have as quickly as possible. If you are away from your home office for a few days and don’t have the Facebook Pages app? You are ignoring your customers – which could cost you customers! There’s a right way to deal with your customers and followers alike, and it starts with:

  • Being timely with your responses.
  • Responding to any complaints your followers may have.
  • Never letting anyone doubt that you don’t take your customer base seriously!

The last point is definitely important – and this app allows you to show how serious you really are! While I’m not saying that you need to communicate with your customer base 24/7 (you have to relax, after all), the Facebook Pages app will allow you to manage your Facebook Page anywhere, anytime.


And: it’s better than ever!

Facebook has also drastically updated the Facebook Pages app, making it easier to use than ever to use. Most importantly, Facebook made the app easier to use on mobile. On the main screen of your Page, you can clearly see your cropped/centered cover photo, your Page’s posts and fans, as well as an option to quickly invite others to your Page – all from one screen! Quick, easy, and simpler than ever to use.

Want to manage a few basic functions of your Page? Doing so is easier than ever. The bottom of your screen features a toolbar that allows you to view different types of data about your Page. From viewing notifications to new messages, likes, reach of your posts, etc. to promoting your Page from the app itself, it’s a set of features that are going to prove to be quite powerful.

If you wantto schedule Facebook posts, you will be pleased to know that you can do this within the app as well. From scheduling a text-only post to a post featuring an image or video to even scheduling an event, the app makes it simple to do this. If you get a bit of inspiration and want to schedule a post for tomorrow while you are picking up some coffee for the morning, you can. If you want to schedule a post or two while watching your kids at the park? Again, you can with a few simple taps. A very, very cool and powerful feature.

Of course, the Pages app wouldn’t be nearly as robust if you couldn’t view in-depth details regarding your Page’s insights and activities. Facebook has truly made an improvement on tracking this via the app, as now you can see new Page likes, total reach per post, each post’s reach, how many people were engaged – essentially all of the vital information you can view on the main, desktop version of Facebook. You can even edit posts within the app! How awesome is that?

Whether you have tried the Facebook Page app in the past and didn’t like it or you have never used it, do yourself a favor, and get it today. For those of you that have community managers that manage your Facebook Page, tell them to get this app as well, as it will prove to be invaluable whenever they have to do their job on-the-go.


Do you have any questions or comments regarding the new Facebook Pages app? Let us know in the comments below!

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