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16 Sep 2014

Twitter’s ‘Buy’ Button: What Does it Mean For Indie Developers?

Last week, Twitter announced it is testing a new way for users to make purchases via Twitter. While the test will only be available to some users in the United States, Twitter stated that some tweets from its test partners will feature a new ‘Buy’ button that will allow users to buy a product in the tweet directly through Twitter.

I don’t have to tell you that this could change the way people make spontaneous purchases.

Twitter has toyed around with this idea with apps recently as well. You may have seen an option to install apps directly from an app developer’s tweet – a smart idea to say the least. Even so, this new ‘buy’ button could seriously open up a realm of possibilities for your indie games – exciting stuff to say the least.

Twitter states that in their test, a purchase can be completed with just a few taps. Click the ‘Buy’ button, enter needed product details (if there are any), and there you have it: the payment info is sent to the merchant for processing.

Think about it: if you want to tout that you have a new IAP available for purchase in one of your indie games, getting your Twitter followers to purchase the IAP could be as easily as showing off the IAP in the Tweet, followed by a ‘Buy’ button at the bottom. With one click, users can purchase the IAP and experience your new content on their mobile device in a matter of seconds.

This will also be a great way to announce new sales for your games that are on sale on Steam and other platforms, to which you can then entice your followers to make a spontaneous purchase. Because your game is on sale, the chances of a spontaneous purchase will increase exponentially, resulting in more sales all around for your indie game.

I wouldn’t count on using Twitter’s ‘Buy’ button anytime soon. Since the feature is still being tested, it isn’t going to be available for any merchant to use for a while. Even so, I would suggest thinking about ways you could incorporate Twitter’s upcoming ‘Buy’ button into your marketing plan, and think about different ways you could entice buyers to buy your indie game when the feature becomes available for everyone.

This is an exciting new features, and we will certainly be discussing it in detail whenever we learn more about it, so stay tuned!

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