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30 Oct 2014

With Twitch, Streaming the Game Development Process is Even Easier

Twitch is dedicated to allowing anyone to stream every aspect of gaming – even when it comes to streaming the development of your indie games. We’ve mentioned the importance of streaming the entire game development process before, but it’s great to know that Twitch is dedicating an entire category of its site just for streaming the development of video games.

If you want to know why you should stream the development of your games, we urge you to read the post linked above. I’m not going to leave without giving you a few quick reasons though (reasons you can find in the post above). Here’s a few great reasons why you need to consider it:

You’re documenting history

Imagine what it would be like to watch Super Mario Bros. be developed live or even something as recent at Fallout 3. Generations will be able to return and watch the development of your indie game, and while this doesn’t make it necessary to do, I think it’s really awesome.

Documenting the process 

Documenting the process of actually creating games is just as important as the finished product. Other indie developers need to know how you developed your game and vice-versa, and documenting the process is a great way to share what you know with others. You’re actually doing many indie devs a potential favor when you get right down to it, and of course, you are giving the gamers that actually care about how games are made some great content to view.

Point of reference

Come to think of it, documenting the development process via livestreaming will create great points of reference for your future indie games. Whenever you get stuck on a part of developing a game and remember that you ran into this exact problems years ago, you can go back, see what you did to get past the problem, and be back on your way! How handy is that?

If you are ready to start livestreaming the development of your indie game, then visit Twitch’s game development channel. Gamasutra suggests inserting the phrase ‘Game Development’ as the name of the game you are streaming (along with the name of your indie game) to ensure your stream appears on the game development channel.

Have any questions or comments about Twitch’s awesome new feature? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gamasutra

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