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12 Aug 2014

More Tips For Improving Your Indie Studio’s Reach on Instagram

We’ve mentioned using Instagram to improve your indie studio’s brand awareness before, and we’re pleased to return today to provide you with even more tips for improving your indie studio’s reach on one of the fastest growing social networks. Instagram is certainly worth considering when marketing your indie studio to the masses, so without further do, here are the tips you need to put into practice today.


Start using video today

Approximately 4% of Fortune 500 entities have begun using video on Instagram. That’s it. What does that mean for you? With so few businesses using Instagram video to market their brand, you have a perfect opportunity to stand out and get noticed!

Record compelling video that can be watched in only a few seconds. If you have ever watched Vine videos or received a video via Snapchat, you know roundabout the length we’re talking about: around 5-7 seconds. Within those few seconds, you need to create an interesting video that will entice your followers to visit your indie studio’s website and learn more about what you do.

The video could be anything from a day in the life at your home office to a short clip showcasing gameplay footage. Be creative, stand out, and entice your followers (and potential followers) to notice you.


Ask for content from your followers

If you want unique content to fill your Instagram page, create a contest with a certain theme instructing your followers to post content related to said theme along with a hashtag of your choice (it would be a good idea to ensure this hashtag includes your indie studio’s name). For example, if you wanted your followers to show off the most unique video game-related item in their home, have them photograph the item and use the designated hashtag. Inform them that the more creative the better, and award the participants with a free game. Easy enough, right?

From there, you can repost some of your favorite content from your followers (while of course crediting the original owner) and show the world that, hey, your  indie studio’s followers are having a blast and they’re engaging with you.

Gamers that see this are going to be much more inclined to follow your brand.


Overall, drive engagement

This is really the trick to using Instagram to improve your brand’s awareness. By posting content that just begs your followers to comment and share with others, you are going to find more people than ever following your brand and communicating with every piece of content you post. Find what works for you, what your followers want, the type of content they crave, etc., and deliver it to them!


Have any questions or comments regarding using Instagram to improve your indie studio’s reach? Let us know in the comments below!

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