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23 Mar 2015

The Advantages Of Using A Drag And Drop Game Builder

For would-be indie developers that want to begin an exciting new career in game development, you have a few options. You could take the traditional route by learning a programming language before you begin developing your own indie game – or you could jump right into the game development process by using a drag and drop game builder (such as our very own Buildbox). Both routes have their advantages; but today, we’re going to focus on the aspiring indie developers that wish to jump into developing their own games immediately instead of spending the time to learn to program. Without further ado, let’s get started.

No need to learn programming

One of the biggest advantages of using a drag and drop game builder is also the most obvious: with a drag and drop game builder, there is absolutely no need to learn a programming language. While many drag and drop game builders certainly allow you to program, it’s completely optional. If you would prefer to develop an indie game primarily by dragging-and-dropping assets, fine-tuning certain dimensions of how your indie game behaves (the physics and timing of platforms, for example) with a few simple clicks of your mouse, and essentially finish your indie game sooner rather than later (much later if you have to learn a programming language), using a drag and drop game builder could be the best approach for you.

You can jump right into game development

Bouncing off the last idea, if you want to jump into the development process straight away, there isn’t a better option than using a drag and drop game builder to develop your first indie game. If you have a great idea, you can prototype your indie game right off the bat to see exactly what works, what doesn’t, which ideas are worth pursuing, and which ones should be put on the backburner until later down the road. It’s a simple solution to developing your dream games right away, and the best part about it? Drag and drop game builders allow you to be flexible with the type of indie games you want to develop!

Need new assets? No problem!

Before the rise of drag and drop game builders, creating new assets for your indie game meant you needed to actually create them, program them to work properly with your indie game, and do it all over again; things have changed. Today, obtaining new assets is as simple as hiring outsourced contractors to develop your assets for you. From there, implementing your assets into your indie game is as easy as – you guessed it – dragging and dropping! It’s a quick and simple way to try new things in your indie game without knowing a lick of programming.

Learn what it takes to develop a game now, not later

One of the best parts about using a drag and drop game builder is that you can learn what it takes to develop a game now – not later! If you want to learn the basic mechanics of actually creating gameplay, creating compelling characters, keep players interested, and essentially learn what makes a game ‘a game,’ a drag and drop game builder is the best way to learn the basics now instead of having to learn a programming language first. For those that want to jump into the thick of things initially, it’s the best approach to take.

If a drag and drop game builder ideal for every aspiring indie developer? Of course not. Some indie developers prefer to learn a programming language and other skills first before they begin developing their first game – and that’s perfectly fine! Yet, for those that want to start building their indie studio right away, a drag and drop game builder is one of the best approaches to game development one can take!

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