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10 Mar 2014

Tapjoy Reveals Surprising Data on Players’ Income and Gaming Habits

Tapjoy Player Data

Since 2011 the mobile game industry’s number of gamers has doubled from 55 to 122 million. That amount is expected to reach an impressive 172 million by 2017. Major hit titles like Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, and Candy Crush Saga are breaking revenue records within the industry but exactly who are the people that are downloading and playing these games on a regular basis?  How well do app developers know their core audience? TapJoy player data can provide the insights these developers need.

TapJoy Mobile Gamer of 2014 Infographic Image

TapJoy Mobile Gamer of 2014 Infographic

As one of the leading mobile publishers and ad networks for mobile games, Tapjoy decided to find out. They polled their network consisting of 450 million consumers to learn more about its audience. The results were very interesting. According to Tapjoy’s recent survey, 71% of their users are older than the age 25 and play games for a minimum of three hours a week on average. Among these players 65% do not consider themselves as ‘gamers’, despite the fact that they are playing 3 hours a week for more than 20 minutes durations. Out of the users surveyed a surprising 44% had action-adventure genre games on their phone and 40% had strategy and simulation games installed on their phone that they played regularly.

The study also discovered that the average household income of users was over $50,000 and that half of players often played games on their mobile devices while watching TV. This data indicates that a major portion of the $16 billion spent on mobile games is generated from this older more well to do demographic.

Tapjoy released this information in hopes that marketers and advertisers will want to place ads in mobile games to reach the affluent audience that it’s attracting. Although many iOS and Android apps in the mobile game industry derive their revenue from in-app purchases, titles with a free-to-play business model often use advertisement placements for app monetization.

(Source: VentureBeat)

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