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13 Feb 2015

The Store Page Of Your Indie Game Needs To Have These Things

When you have finally finished developing your indie game, it can be difficult to know exactly how to create the store page for the game. While the rules do slightly differ between each marketplace – from Steam to Google Play to the App Store to name a few – the fundamentals are the same across the board. Below are the things you need to know when creating your indie game’s store page.

Proper title

Achieving this starts with appropriately naming your indie game. You should have a title that accurately reflects the point of the game. We have mentioned before that combining the location in the game with the goal of the game is a quick and easy way to come up with a suitable title. Subway Surfers is a perfect example. By using the locale of the game (a subway) with the goal of the game (surfing), the team behind the game created a memorable game that describes the point of the game. In combination with the screenshots in the team’s store page (more on screenshots in a moment), there is no mystery as to what you’re getting into once you download the game.

Top-quality icon

Your indie game’s icon is literally the gatekeeper to the entire game. It does not matter which store we are talking about here. From Steam to the App Store and beyond, professional-looking icon is vital to your indie game’s success. If you have no idea how to create a top-quality icon, consider hiring a graphic artist that can provide this for you.

Don’t forget the stellar screenshots, either

It is also important to include high-quality screenshots that actually showcase exactly what your indie game is all about. You should make it a habit to also put your best screenshots first. I know on the App Store (Google Play is probably the same), browsers will only be able to see the first three screenshots of your indie game; to see more, browsers need to select ‘More’ to see more info on the game.

The problem is that most people never click ‘More!’ As you are going to see throughout the rest of this post, putting your best and most relevant information at the front is the best way to win new customers and persuade those on the fence about your indie game to read further.

If you are using Steam, you should also consider taking advantage of GIFs. While you should not include only GIFs, consider inserting a few in addition to your screenshots. If you have a high-quality GIF, also consider having that image be one of your first three shots on the store page.

Or the professionally shot trailer

While a professionally shot trailer is welcomed on mobile store pages, it is mandatory on Steam. A store page without a trailer is going to result in few sales. If the trailer looks lousy? Expect few sales as well. If you have no clue how to do this, again, hire a professional. Believe me, you will be glad that you did.

The description must be solid

This is one of the trickiest parts of creating your store page. It is also the part of your store page that you are constantly going to be revising. I can almost guarantee that you are not going to have a perfect description for your store page from the get-go – but that is okay! Here’s what you need to know before beginning.

Insert the most important information in the first three lines of the description. This includes explaining what the game is, the goal of the game, and why the potential customer needs to consider installing the game. Apptamin mentions that if your indie game received an award, feel free to fit it somewhere in the first three lines if possible.

Your indie game’s description is your chance to sell your game to potential customers – use it wisely!

Mention quotes

If your indie game has received a positive review (or a few positive reviews) from a publication(s), mention this. Especially if you’re an unknown indie developer, some customers may not want to take a chance on your indie game unless their doubts are put to rest. If they see that it has gained positive reviews from critics, it could mean the difference between an install and passing on the game. The point of creating a compelling store page is to influence customers to install your game from as many different dimensions as possible; including positive, relevant quotes is one of those dimensions.

Any further details you want to add

If there are any details that you believe are worth mentioning, include them somewhere after the first three lines of your store page’s description. To avoid fluff, be sure to ask yourself these questions before including any details in the description:

  • “With these details entice customers to install the game?”
  • “Are these details factual?”
  • “Will these details help my store page rather than harm it?”

Know why you’re including details before including them, and your description will be fine.

Use proper keywords

Be sure to also include proper keywords as well. We mentioned ASO strategies in a previous post this week, so use these strategies to find the best keywords (and offshoots of those keywords) for your indie game and include them throughout your indie game’s description. Don’t shove keywords every chance you get though: use only one keyword per paragraph. This will avoid getting penalized by Google while ensuring that your indie game is still discoverable by search engines.

At the end of the day, ensure it sounds professionally written

All of these strategies will not mean a thing if your indie game does not sound professionally written. If it is full of grammatical and spelling errors that are glaringly obvious, potential customers are going to assume that you put as much care into your indie game as you did editing the words on your store page; and you know, the kind of have a point.

As with anything in this post, hire an editor to properly edit the wording of your store page. Especially if you’re a non-native English speaker that isn’t comfortable with writing professionally, this step is absolutely mandatory. Outsource an editor like you would any other professional, and your indie game’s store page will read perfectly.

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