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17 Oct 2014

How Steam Early Access Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

This week, we have been discussing how to make Steam Early Access work for your indie game. We’ve discussed the best practices for ensuring that you use Steam Early Access in the best way to benefit your indie game and more, but did you know that Steam Early Access can also help you to boost your marketing efforts? It’s true! While you should certainly market your indie game before posting your game on Steam Early Access (and for the foreseeable future thereafter), it can be used as another tool to grow your playerbase like never before. Below are a few ways that Steam Early Access can help.

Creating community

One of the best ways that Steam Early Access can help you to market your indie game is by creating a community. Once you get players playing your Early Access title, you will find that they will begin to communicate with you, telling you exactly what they like and do not like, and so on. One of the great things about Early Access is that they can communicate with you and with other players via your game’s page’s forums. This can form a community, and when community is formed, your players are more eager to discuss your indie game with others around the Web and offline as well.

We see this happen all the time with crowdfunding campaigns. Even if a game isn’t crowdfunded, the community that is built around a crowdfunding campaign can help the game become more well-known than ever before. When you give likeminded people a chance to communicate with one another surrounding a game they all enjoy, community is built, and that can help your indie game tremendously!

Reviews, reviews, reviews

If you want players to experience your game, you need positive reviews. The great thing is that if your indie game has a community surrounding it (even a small one), your players will likely review the game – especially if they love it! Positive reviews are one of the best ways to ensure new players are more willing to purchase your Early Access game (especially if you don’t have an established reputation), and in the process, this will build an even stronger community than before.

Creating a community and positive reviews go hand-in-hand. The best part? This will increase sales and spread the word about your indie game like never before!

Bringing it all together

While you should always market your game using social media and other methods we discuss often here at Game Academy, Steam Early Access can help you to market your indie game even further. It’s a great way to introduce people to your indie game early on and get extra funding in order to complete it sooner rather than later, so consider giving it a shot!

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