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27 Aug 2015

#ShareAGameDesignTip: 20 Tips Every Indie Dev Should Know

All week long developers from across the globe have been sharing their best kept secrets and sound advice on game design via Twitter. The topic under the hashtag #ShareAGameDesignTip has ignited an endless thread of solid game design tips from developers from virtually every background and level of experience.

Small independent developers all the way to veterans from major game publishing studios are joining the conversation and sharing which techniques they believe are essential when you’re creating a game. Liz England from Insomniac Games to Ubisoft are dishing out free advice. It’s definitely worth taking advantage of. As one Twitter user posted, “#ShareAGameDesignTip is probably one of the best hashtags on Twitter.”

From spending at least an hour a day working on your game to making sure your game is fun to play even when the player isn’t winning, there’s a lot of great lessons to learn from these tweets. Although there are far too many to post, below is a list of 20 of the best tips under #ShareAGameDesignTip that every indie dev should remember when developing their game.

If you’re interested in viewing more tweets you can join the #ShareAGameDesignTip conversation right HERE.

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