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27 Feb 2014

Rovio Launches a New Publishing Program for Kids Games

Rovio kids games?

Major publishing giant Rovio, the studio behind the immensely popular game Angry Birds has just announced that they’re launching a new third party publishing program that will cater to educational children games.

The company is actively seeking third-party games geared towards kids that encourage learning. The special division will launch under its Jr publishing banner and include apps aimed at young school aged boys and girls ranging from the ages of 3 to 12 years old as their targeted audience.

Known for its innovation, Rovio wants to introduce young gamers from around the world to exciting games that feature true educational value. They’re calling it a “fun first approach to learning” that will alter the way people think when it comes to education.

“When kids are bored, their learning plummets. When they’re engaged, anything’s possible. So we’re looking for new game ideas to entertain kids and motivate them to learn. Games that parents can also feel good about,” says Rovio.

Rovio has made a name for itself as one of the leading app developer and publishing firms in the world. The company has reached over 2 billion game downloads to date with its smash hit game series Angry Birds. The studio feels confident that they can make a drastic impact in the genre due to its previous success and massive global fan base.

According to the studio, developers that sign up for their new publishing program will gain “extraordinary visibility through their cross-promotion activities.”

This isn’t the first time Rovio has published third-party games. The Rovio Stars publishing platform has had a considerable amount of success with apps titles like Tiny Thief, Juice Cubes, and Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.

Any app developer with a fun kids’ app game that they feel might work well with Rovio’s mission to educate the youth can attend the GDC being held in San Francisco this March. Rovio will be at the event and hosting the Big Indie Pitch Jr giving devs an opportunity to pitch their game.



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