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22 Apr 2014

The Power of Organization

How many times have you found yourself overwhelmed while working on your latest project? It’s a feeling nobody wants to deal with, yet it’s one that will eventually come your way. You need to be prepared for it, you need to know how to deal with the feeling of being ‘overwhelmed,’ and you need to know how to ‘bounce back’ and return to being productive, creative, and zealous once again. In short, you need to realize the power of organization.

Being organized can seriously keep you from feeling burned out. Moreover, it can help you to accomplish everything you need to finish in a day (the obvious advantage to being organized), and it can ensure that productivity remains at an all-time high. You hear about the importance of keeping your work organized, but when it comes to actually doing it? It’s easier to say, “I’m going to be organized starting tomorrow,” than actually doing it.

How can you ensure that your work life is organized (improving your quality of life as a whole)? Use the following tips below to realize the true power of organization.


Prioritize your work day

This is advice that we have given on other blog posts in the past, but it’s important to repeat. You must prioritize your work every single day. Which tasks are the most time critical? Get an idea, and finish these tasks first. Which tasks are the hardest? Again, schedule them first and get them out of the way as soon as possible. Believe me: you are going to be feeling pretty good when you realize that you have the hardest/time consuming tasks finished with a few hours left to spare to work on easier, less time critical tasks.

That isn’t to say you should only works on tasks in order of the most difficult time/consuming down to the easiest tasks. If you have a task that can be completed in a few moments one morning (or whenever you begin your work day), feel free to complete it first thing in the morning. The important thing is to be able to determine for yourself the tasks that need to be completed first and in what order. You want to have the least amount of stress on yourself at the end of each day, and prioritizing your tasks will accomplish exactly this.


Provide yourself extra time to complete tasks

One of the challenges of completing tasks on time is the surprises that tend to pop up from time to time. You know what we’re talking about: you think you have a task planned out, only to find that the task is a lot more complicated/different than you anticipated. This can throw a wrench into your entire schedule, so do yourself a favor and give yourself extra time throughout the day to complete every task – no matter how simple or challenging it may be.

Now, this could involve you having to wake up earlier. If so, so be it. Give yourself extra time per task by using the ‘50% percent rule.’ If you anticipate a task will take an hour to complete, give yourself an extra thirty minutes to complete it. 30 minutes? Give yourself an extra 15 minutes. This will allow you to plan around the surprises that will crop up during your work day, and if everything goes swell throughout most of the day? You will have that much extra time to complete tasks later in the day. Think of it as ‘time insurance,’ for getting things done.


Check your schedule again

Do a double-check of your list, and determine if all of your tasks are in a proper order. If they are, great – you’re organized! If they are not? Fix the list, adjust some loose ends here and there, and ensure it’s workable before scheduling your work day around it.


Outsourced employees? Show them this list

If you have outsourced employees, then you need to show them this list as well. Not only will they likely have certain tasks they need to do first on this list, but you need to show them the overall picture. Allow your outsourced employees to have an ‘inside look’ into what needs to be done, where your team is at in terms of your project, and where everyone needs to go from here. It will allow them to better understand their place in your studio, give them the wisdom to focus on important tasks day-to-day, and will generally keep your team’s work flow at an all-time high.


The power of organization is in your hands – and it all starts will merely creating a list of important tasks you need to finish during the work week! Do you have any other methods you use for staying organized? Let us know in the comments below!

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