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29 Jan 2014

Can Devs Now Port Google Chrome Apps to iOS and Android?

Google – the reigning champ of search engines – announced today that they’re planning on expanding their reach in the mobile game industry. The statement came with an early developer preview of their new toolchain designed to assist devs in the process of porting their Google Chrome apps to iOS and Android platforms. Any app developer with a Chrome game or application can opt to test this latest feature from Google.

The tool is based primarily on Apache Cordova which is an open- source mobile development framework for establishing native apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript. It works by overlapping the Chrome App with native application shell that permits devs to distribute their app through Google Play and the Apple App Store. According to Chrome this tool makes the transition relatively easy for an app developer to convert. There’s also a feature that allows users to go beyond Chrome and add a wide variety of APIs supported through the Cordova platform. For Android ports there are option to add the ability to send rich notifications and even sell virtual goods within your app. Other common add-ons like push messaging, sockets, storage, sync filing system, and alarms are available as well.

The main goal of this launch is to aid Chrome devs in increasing their apps’ overall reach and gain more exposure across popular mobile platforms. Players will be able to access their favorite Chrome games on-the-go via their Android or iPhone. Currently the toolchain is in developer preview mode, devs are encouraged to check it out and post on their experience on the forum, Stack Overflow or G+ Developers page.

We’ll all have to wait and see if Google Chrome’s transition to mobile will make an impact or not on the mobile game industry.  However with this tool devs are being presented with a potentially lucrative opportunity.

(Source: Chromium )

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