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20 Feb 2014

Pocket Gems Launches New Interactive Mobile Stories Called ‘Episode’

Pocket Gems is attempting to change the mobile app industry with the release of their new platform known simply as Episode.

Since 2011 the company has considered itself the next generation of mobile gaming by creating original and innovative experiences for players. Pocket Gems is now living up to that motto with their latest platform launch which enables players to write the story of their characters as the series progresses.

CEO Ben Liu dropped a hint that the publishing house was headed in a new direction in a previous interview last month when he stated that there would be a major launch soon involving what it truly means to “experience a story on mobile.”

Episode Pocket Gems ImageEpisode is headed by co-founder and former CEO of Pocket Gems, Daniel Terry. In a recent TechCrunch interview, Terry revealed that he recognized a huge opportunity in mobile storytelling, a division that has been for the most part untapped in today’s app market. The majority of entertainment media is driven by stories. In film, TV shows, and in some of the best games it’s the story that makes it great. In the past when Pocket Gems has added story elements to its games, he said, “Players just love it, and it really enhances engagement.”

As powerful as a good storyline can be many mobile games have little to no plot. Pocket Gems is hoping to capitalize on this with their platform, Episode. Terry describes the series as an interactive animated television show a “modern, mobile-first Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Users can play a story and choose the actions that the characters will take as the plot unfolds. Currently Hollywood Crush, Campus Crush, Rich Witches, In a Perfect World, Stranded at Sea is the five different playable stories in Episode.

The app monetization comes is integrated with the chapter engagement. Each player can play a set number of chapters every couple hours for free but to watch more sooner than an in-app purchase is necessary. The beta testing for Episode on the iOS has done well thus far with roughly 10 million chapters played be users. Today is the official launch with iOS and Android apps available.

Although the platform is still in the experimental phase, Terry believes later down the line Pocket Gems might form a system in which they’ll begin to recruit paid writers to create chapter stories.

(Source: TechCrunch)

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