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25 Mar 2015

Outside The Box Ways To Monetize Your Mobile Game

Yesterday, we mentioned a few of the ways you can monetize your mobile game – a post worth reading if you are a beginning indie developer or need a reminder on how to properly monetize your mobile game. Today, we are going to take another look at monetizing mobile games – but with an emphasis on ‘out of the box’ ways to monetize effectively. Below are a few of the many unique ways you can monetize your mobile game to give yourself an added stream of revenue.

Co-promote with another game

One of the many unique ways you can monetize your mobile game is by partnering with another studio to co-promote one another’s mobile game. For example, consider reaching out to other indie developers and pitching the idea of advertising their indie game within your indie game if they do the same for yours. Especially if the mobile game has a regular following, it’s a great way to ride the coat tails of their success and acquire new players. It’s a method not a lot of indie developers consider when thinking about new ways to monetize their game!

Sponsored in-game items

While this tip is reserved mainly for the most popular mobile games, it’s still worth considering. If you can partner with a brand and offer a special, limited time in-game item, do it! As App Flood notes, Temple Run has done this perfectly by re-skinning their game for the debut of Oz the Great and Powerful and even offering athlete Usain Bolt as an in-game purchase. The developers behind Plague Inc. also did this with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes last summer.

While it’s highly unlikely you are going to be able to partner with a Hollywood film or one of the most popular athletes on the planet, there are certainly brands out there willing to pay for a branded item and plug your indie game.

Sell merchandise

Finally, you can also sell merchandise associated with your indie game. Especially if you have an indie game that features a cast of colorful characters, consider selling all types of items featuring these characters and your indie game’s logo. From selling plush items to figurines to caps, t-shirts, bags, mugs – the list goes on and on – it’s a great way to create an extra avenue of income for your overall indie studio. People love showing off their fandom, and if your mobile game even has a small following, people are going to be eager to purchase merchandise related to it. Sell the merchandise on your website, and earn extra profits!

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