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14 Aug 2014

More Tips to Improving Your Indie Studio’s Brand on Pinterest

Although we have discussed using Pinterest to promote your indie studio in the past, today we want to bring you even more tips on using one of the most popular social media platforms to grow your indie studio’s reach better than ever. It’s one of the most popular social media platforms at the moment, and it’s worthy of your attention.

So how do you grow your indie studio by using one of the most popular social media platforms at the moment? We’re glad you asked! Here are (more) tips for growing your indie studio’s brand via Pinterest.


Include price tags in pins

Here’s a fun fact: Pinterest pushes more referral traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ combined. That’s substantial! How do you make this work for your indie games? Include price tags when pinning images related to your indie game

For example, if you want to show off a screenshot of your recently-released game, by attaching a price tag to the pin along with a link to buy the game, more people are going to be willing to click on the pin if they know exactly where to purchase the game. It’s as simple as that!


Find the most popular group boards

Pinterest group boards will help you to find even more people to gain followers, repins, and ultimately traffic. Unfortunately, it has typically been difficult to find group boards that can help you out.

Until now.

Thanks to PinGroupie, finding the best group boards in your niche is easier than ever. Simply go to their home page, file in the search fields, choose an appropriate category, choose the order you prefer to view the boards (pins, repins, Likes, followers, and collaborators), select ‘Filter,’ and you’re good to go! A list of appropriate group boards with appropriate details will appear in the results below!

It’s a simple tool that will deliver fantastic results!


Take advantage of blog boards

Combine this tip with the tips in our blogging as an indie developer post. A blog board is exactly as it sounds: a board where you can place all of your blog posts. By creating a blog board for your brand, your followers will be able to automatically see any new blogs that you pin on their homepage as well, so it’s certainly worth pursuing.

When creating a blog board, ensure that you name your board using proper keywords related to your indie studio. From there, after you publishing a blog post on your indie studio’s website, pin it directly onto your board – just be sure that you provide a summary of the post, a top-quality image, and a link to the original blog post so followers can read the full story.


There you have it: even more helpful tips for using Pinterest to grow your indie studio’s brand. Have any questions or comments about today’s post? Let us know in the comments below!

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