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8 Oct 2014

How to Meet Other Indie Developers

Yesterday, I wrote a post detailing what indie developers need to do in order to get their ideas into production. It’s worth reading if you need help in determining the best approach to getting your indie game from the initial planning phase to the first phase in turning your indie game into, well, a game.

One of the pieces of advice I gave indie developers was to meet with other indie developers and ask them roughly how long it takes to complete the type of game you have in mind. It can be a problem – especially if you really don’t know other indie developers. Thus, it’s the topic of today’s post. If you’ve been wondering about the best approach to meeting like-minded individuals and getting their opinions on aspects of the development process, consider these avenues for reaching them.


The social network for professionals, LinkedIn is a solid place to meeting other indie developers willing to help you out. Notably, the best place to meet indie developers via LinkedIn is in the many indie developer groups littered throughout LinkedIn. These groups will help you to communicate with other indie developers, get advice on a daily basis, and get to know your fellow indie devs.

Personally, I use LinkedIn groups for meeting other writers, and the people I’ve met on there are friendly and always helpful. That’s what’s great about LinkedIn: people tend to be a little more professional there – especially since they’re not anonymous. Join a few groups tailored solely for indie developers, and start mingling.


The tried-and-true social media platform where you can meet tons of indie developers quickly, Twitter is still one of the best ways to meet other indie developers that can help you out. The great thing about Twitter is once you follow one indie dev, you have a whole host of recommended indie developers that you can follow as well. While they probably won’t all be helpful, you’ll meet some indie devs worth meeting on Twitter.


The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) has a ton of chapters scattered throughout the world. Chances are, if there is a group of indie developers in your area, you have an IGDA chapter near you. These chapters are a lot of fun too, as they usually participate in their own game jams, discuss different tactics for developing games, and so on. If you find a chapter near you, go to it the next chance you get: chances are, you’ll find a group of awesome indie devs that will provide you with the help you need.


If you don’t have an IGDA chapter near you, post on the TIGForums and inquire about other indie developers in your area. TIGForums is a huge community catering primarily to indie developers, so chances are you can find other indie developers in your area.

And if that doesn’t work….

Primarily, the game dev section of Just like TIGForums, lots of indie developers use to find other like-minded indie devs as well, so if you’re not having luck on the other sites catering towards finding indie devs locally, give it a shot.

And if you want to meet other indie devs locally but all else fails…

Honorary Mention: Look Around Your Community

You would be amazed how many indie devs are in your community. Not to be stereotypical, but where do the gaming nerds hang out? Is there a computer club near you? Is there a gaming club around you? Go to them. Talk to some of the people that go to these types of things, and find some local indie devs that you can get acquainted with.

All it takes is a little motivation, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find the next member of your studio!

Have any comments/questions about finding other indie devs? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. dj jo

    A great place to meet other game devs in a new site called ‘CynicallySloth’, Its a new site with the goal of creating a community of game devs that share ideas and concepts with one another. i encourage you to check it out and try posting a forum or two

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