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22 May 2015

Marketing Your Indie Game: Fun Facebook Contest Ideas To Boost Engagement

Everybody loves contests – and if you don’t, you’re kidding yourself. Everyone wants to know they have a chance of winning something, and besides: contests are fun to enter (especially if they only take a few moments of your time to enter). Facebook is the perfect place for contests, and the best part? Contests are one of the best ways to engage on Facebook!

Consider having one contest per month on your Facebook Page, and spice things up by having different types of contests every time. Below are a few of the best examples of fun social media contest ideas that you can use when marketing your indie game. Fun, easy to set up, and certainly worth it, you will be glad that you did!

Photo contest

Whether you have a new indie game that is about to be released or it was recently released, a photo contest is perfect to engage with your audience while using it to spread information about your newest project. Simply ask your audience to Photoshop your screenshots as creatively as possible (or ask them to creatively create photos based on your photos – both will suffice) and prepare to be blown away by your entries.

Caption contest

Do you have a humorous moment captured in one of your screenshots? Maybe you captured a funny moment among a few of your team members at your indie studio? Whatever the case may be, ask your fans to caption it! Not only does this type of entry literally take seconds to do (meaning you will get plenty of awesome entries), but it starts a conversation between you and your fans and leads to awesome engagement.

Text contest

Have a humorous question to ask your fans? Use a text contest to get equally funny answers. The question can be as off-the-wall or random as you prefer it to be (e.g. name our next game is always a good question). There are two ways you can pick a winner:

1: At your own discretion (e.g. the entry that makes you laugh the most).

2: By Likes.

You can also use these methods for every contest in this list if you prefer.

Fill in the blank contest

This is probably one of the best spontaneous contests you can use when running a Facebook contest. Write a sentence with one or more blanks missing that will lead to funny entries. For example, a perfect sentence would be, “I only play [Insert Studio Name] games when I’m…”

Boom – there you go: there’s no way serious entries are going to be submitted with a sentence like that!

Audio contest

Do you want a more long-form contest? Then you need to consider doing an audio contest. There’s a podcast I listen to that does this type of contest regularly, and they’ve asked people to create audio trailers, phone in to tell stories, and even create songs in order to win the contest. While it’s great podcasting material, it works just as well on Facebook.

Inform your followers to upload their entry to Soundcloud then include the link in their post. With one quick click, everyone can listen to their entry and comment accordingly. Be imaginative with how you can use an audio contest for your Facebook Page, and you’re liable to get some awesome entries.

Reward entrants with a free game, exclusive beta access, or merchandise related to one of your indie games, and they are liable to enter your contest in droves. It’s the best way to ensure that your followers have fun while giving you the opportunity to engage with them, so give one of these ideas a shot today!

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