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1 Aug 2014

Market Your Indie Studio With These Fantastic Networking Tools

We’ve mentioned more than once that in order to grow your brand better than ever, you need to network with the right people. Networking with experts in indie gaming is a great way to use them to introduce your brand to others, seem like an expert in the process, and most important, learn the art of indie gaming. But how do you find these people?

It’s a great question – and it’s one we’re answering today. The following tools listed below are great for building relationships on your social media platforms. Use them to your advantage, and grow your indie brand like never before.



If you want to engage with your followers, you have to post compelling content to entice them to engage with you in the first place. We’ve discussed this more than once, but I stumbled across an app that makes search for awesome content easier than ever. Enter ContentGems: an app that aims at helping you to find relevant content for your followers. Monitoring over 200,000 sources, ContentGems makes it simple to pick a category and find the best shareable content that your audience will love.

Moreover, you can also search via keywords a well. If you want to find something related to indie development, insert a keyword and ContentGems will take care of the rest.



The awesome thing about Nimble is that it focuses on helping you to build relationships with contacts on various social media platforms. That’s the beauty of Nimble: it allows you to focus on relationship building across the most popular social network platforms. Allowing you to view conversations you have had with any social media contact from the past to even one minute ago, it’s a great way to consolidate every contact you have into one neat tool.

Moreover, you can even tag certain contacts with a particular keyword and can even set up a reminder to alert you when you need to send a message to one of the contacts. If you want to build relationships better than ever, Nimble makes it simple.



Want a simple way to see which content your followers are engaging with the most across multiple social media platforms? Then you need Zuum. Not only that, but Zuum also works with Google Analytics so you can view detailed reports regarding every aspect of your brand. Additionally, Zuum also identifies the preferred influencers of your audience so you can attempt to partner up with them and improve your credibility, trust, and grow your brand in the process. It’s one of the most powerful tools of its type, so consider Zuum if you want to keep tabs on everything related to your brand’s marketing.

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