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4 Jun 2014

Kickstarter Announces a Few New Changes

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We’ve talked a lot about Kickstarter here on Game Academy: a lot! It’s all for good reason too: Kickstarter is one of the most revolutionary platforms for bringing your ideas to life. Sure, it isn’t perfect, and Kickstarter certainly has its critics. Even so, some of the best indie games of the last few years wouldn’t have been possible without Kickstarter. Heck, without Kickstarter, the entire virtual reality movement probably wouldn’t have occurred!

So yes, Kickstarter is important. It’s awesome. Creative types depend on it. And if you’re thinking about starting your own Kickstarter campaign? You need to be aware of the latest changes announced by Kickstarter earlier today.

No need to worry! The changes are not negative by any means. In fact, these changes actually make the entire crowdfunding process even easier! Here are a few things you need to know about Kickstarter’s latest changes.


Launch Now

Kickstarter’s biggest update is the implementation of Launch Now. Giving creators a choice to either launch their project whenever they are ready or obtain feedback from a Community Manager, it streamlines the entire crowdfunding process.

Kickstarter states that the features incorporates an algorithm consisting of thousands of data points to check to see whether a project is ready to launch immediately. Checking for dimensions such as the project’s description, funding goal, rewards, and whether or not a creator has launched a project in the past, it essentially dictates whether a campaign is successful as-is or if it needs further tweaking from a Community Manager.

If the project is ready to launch, it can be launched immediately. Of course, creators can also request assistances before launching even if their campaign qualifies for immediate launch.

Kickstarter states that Launch Now is currently available to 60% of all projects, and they will be expanding it to even more projects over the next few weeks.


Simplification of rules

Another welcome change is Kickstarter’s simplified rules. Kickstarter states they have taken a long, hard look at every single guideline and broke them down into three core principles:


  • Projects have to create something to share with other people.
    • In other words, there needs to be a final product.
  • Projects must be honest and presented in a clear manner.
    • Creators must show a prototype of what they are creating.
  • Projects cannot raise funds for charity, involve prohibited items, or offer financial incentives.
    • Kickstarter just isn’t the place to do this sort of thing. Projects cannot state that they will donate money raised to charities/causes, nor can they provide repayment, equity, etc.

Kickstarter also states that no new rules were added, but many of them were removed (i.e. rules that were outdated, did not apply to the current Kickstarter ideology, etc.).

What does this mean for indie developers that want to see their indie game crowdfunded? The process is now easier and more straight-forward than ever before. If you have ever wanted to seek funding for your indie game but was intimidated by the rules and the overall process, there is no need to be intimidated any longer. It’s a great time to launch a Kickstarter campaign, as it is faster and easier than ever.

Moreover, if you are still unsure about this whole ‘Kickstarter thing,’ we’ve written a ton of posts about everything you need to know (currently, anyway), about Kickstarter and ensuring your project is successfully crowdfunded. Simply click the Kickstarter tag below, and you will see everything we have written on the subject.


What do you think about Kickstarter’s changes? Is it enough to make you want to launch your own project? Let us know in the comments below!

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