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22 Jan 2014

Kabam Revenue Report: $360 Million for 2013

Although Kabam is privately-owned and is not obligated to disclose any financial information, the company was happy to announce to the world that its 2013 sales reached well over the $360 million mark last year.

Kabam was established in 2006 as a free-to-play game publisher and since its initial debut the company has branched off from publishing predominately social games on the web and Facebook to becoming a major player in the mobile industry.

The company’s freemium business model enables players to access quality games for free in multiple genres from strategy based to action adventure. Considered as one of the most recognizable brands in the industry their move to mobile has brought a great deal of success, as shown in the Kabam revenue reports.

Kabam’s app game Kingdoms of Camelot has grossed over $200 million since its launch and is ranked as one of the top ten strategy franchises of all time. Fast & Furious 6 is their fastest growing game has done remarkably well on the charts also. Through their third-party publishing ventures, Kabam snagged another hit with the Chinese app Wartune which is scheduled to be released in the west on iOS soon.

The F2P publisher contributes most of its financial success to the large portfolio of games and the 11 titles that grossed over $1 million in a month during the year of 2013. Reportedly, an estimated 70% of their sales are generated from mobile devices proving yet again the industry is booming.


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