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9 Jul 2014

An Intro to Using Tumblr to Promote Your Indie Studio

Tumblr is interesting in that it’s one of those social media platforms that has a ton of traffic (nearly 300-million unique visitors monthly), yet it isn’t in the same conversation as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This is great news for you! With so few indie studios using Tumblr at the moment, you have a clear advantage to using Tumblr into your social media gameplan. Add to the fact that Tumblr is one of those social media websites that is very geek-centric (i.e. one of your target audiences), and the truth becomes clear: you need to consider Tumblr today!

How can you use Tumblr to properly market your indie studio? Here are a few ways to utilize Tumblr to your advantage.



GIFs are huge on Tumblr. Some of the most shared content on Tumblr (if not the most shared type of content on the platform) are GIFs – especially humorous ones. If you can combine humor with images related to your indie studio (refer to our Using Humor Effectively in Your Social Media Activities) post, you are going to create some hot, shareable content on your Tumblr page.

Be entertaining, be humorous, and be shareable!


Use Memes

Tumblr users also value creative uses of popular memes as well. If you have browsed the Internet at any point in your life, you have come across popular memes that can be used on Tumblr (and if you want to reference the best memes to use, check out Know Your Meme to learn more).

To customize a popular meme to be used for promoting your indie studio, you can use Quick Meme to create memes related to your indie studio in only a few moments. Create a humorous, appropriate meme, share it on your Tumblr page, and your content will hopefully be shared among other Tumblr users interested in gaming, resulting in increased brand awareness!


Above All: Know Your Audience!

It’s the golden rule of marketing: be sure to always know your audience. By knowing your audience, you will know exactly the type of content to share, what works, what does not, and how to get the best results when sharing your content on Tumblr. Always be aware of the type of content your audience likes on your other social media platforms as well, and do your part to ensure that you are sharing the very best content with your audience to get the best return on Tumblr.


Tumblr is one of those rare, untapped social media platforms currently booming with traffic. Use it to your advantage, and increase your brand awareness as a result.


Do you have any questions or comments about using Tumblr to promote your indie studio? Let us know in the comments below!

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