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Announcing Academy Insiders

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What is Academy Insiders?

Academy Insiders is our premier membership for independent game business owners.  When you join, you get access to private forums, high quality multi-platform source codes and an in-depth industry newsletter filled with specific instructions on growing your business.

The best part?  You can join today for only $1 and get access to all of this and more:

3 Source Codes, 30 Page Newsletters, Multiple Guides & Private Forum Access for $1

With Academy Insiders you’ll always have the latest up to date information on app trends, hot keywords, source codes and help from experts in the community.

Here’s a breakdown of how it can help expand (or start) your app business… 

What’s In The Newsletter?

The newsletter is called Game Insider Monthly and is not only high quality in looks, but also content.  GIM is filled with everything you need to crush it in your app and game business.  The only newsletter of it’s kind, it’s create specifically for app marketers and business owners.

Each month we dive deep into research mode and report back the hottest keywords, biggest trends and even give you specific game ideas (including all meta data) that you can use right now.

The newsletter is broken down into multiple easy to read sections such as:

Trey’s Digest

Each month kicks off from a digest by Game Academy founder, Trey Smith.  Here you’ll find the latest news with Trey’s companies, what we work on behind the scenes and his thoughts on where the industry is headed.

For example, last year Game Insider Monthly subscribers watched Trey chronologize the complete creation of Phases from basic idea to releasing with Ketchapp.  They learned everything from why he chose certain colors to how he pitched the game to publishers.

Themes, Trends & Chart Jumps

This mobile world moves extremely fast and it’s increasingly important to create games in the themes that people are interested.  In these sections of the newsletter we identify the rising themes and trends that you should be focusing on for your next games.

We also focus on looking for any large chart jumps in the marketplace the last 30 days and research what they are doing different.  Our goal is to focus on small indie developers who might have a few tricks up their sleeves, figure out those tricks; then show you before everyone else is using them.

Latest Undiscovered Keywords

Every successful app entrepreneur knows it’s all about the keywords.  It can literally make your break your business and when done right can be responsible for an avalanche of free traffic.

In Game Insider Monthly we don’t just give you hints of what keywords might work, we build out specifically targeted keyword lists for you to copy and paste.  We also reverse engineer keywords for top ranked apps as you’ll see next.

Reverse Engineered Case Studies

One of the best ways to quickly increase your business is to reverse engineer what other successful app companies are doing.  Each month we’ll pick two apps to completely reverse engineer.  You’ll read a detailed report of how they are monetizing their game, learn their keywords and find out exactly what they are doing to be successful.

What About The Source Codes?

Let’s check out the 3 source codes you get for trying Academy Insiders, and also discuss the quality of the code we’ll include each month.

First off, you won’t find these source codes anywhere else and you won’t see any of these graphics on stock photo sites.  Every part of these games, including the game engine, sound engine, menu system, and graphics are built in-house.

At Game Academy we don’t promote or endorse reskinning games.  While you could upload the game as-is, we strongly encourage people to use these codes as a starting base for a top tier game.  All of the hard work has already been done, so hiring a programmer to quickly add in a special power-up, new characters or enhanced level design is very cheap to do and we’ll show you how.

Let’s check out 3 source codes you get just for trying Academy Insiders:

Here’s The Three Game Codes You Get For Trying Academy Insiders:

Bumble Bee Rush

The first game you get with your trial of Academy Insiders is Bumble Bee Rush.  We released the game within 30 days of Swing Copters being at the top of the charts.  The gameplay type is inventive and it’s an easy to start as a base to create something totally unique.

Aliens VS Monkeys

Alien VS Monkey’s is a very unique game based on the likes of Galaga and the surprise iPhone hit, Shoot The Moon.  We created a very high quality base version of this code with amazing graphics and some serious attention to detail.


The game TwoDots is consistently the only “indie developed” game in the Top 50 grossing and one of the most downloaded games of 2014.  We’ve taken this popular gameplay type back to it’s roots and created a new source code called Circle.

New to apps and games?  Don’t worry, we’ve included a beginner guide for you!

We know many people wanting to join Academy Insiders are new to the game business and that’s why we’ve included multiple guides to help you use these source codes to kick start your business.  

First you’ll get access to the 60 page App & Game Business Guide.  This digital beginners guide teaches you everything from hiring artist and programmers to specific monetization and traffic techniques.  You’ll also get access to many other guides including step by step tutorials on getting your games finalized, uploaded and even published by a large company. 

Peek Into The Private Forums

Last, but not least, is the forum.  This could prove to be the most valuable part of the Academy Insider experience.  You’ll forge friendships and learn from hundreds of other Academy Insider subscribers.  Keep up with the latest news, have people help you promote your games, get instant feedback and more…

The Power of Community

Let’s face the facts.  Business is not easy.  If it were, then everyone would be an entrepreneur.  You need to use every resource possible at your disposal, and there is no resource more valuable than a private community.

Instead of trying to grow your business on your own, you’ll be discussing daily with hundreds of likeminded entrepreneurs and learning tips, tricks and crucial information as it’s being discovered.  Since it’s a private community, there will be zero acceptance of trolls or negativity.  Only people having fun and helping others.

Get Reviews, Feedback & More

These forums are geared to directly help you with every area of your app business.  You’ll find sections dedicated to Downloads & Marketing, Business, Legal & Exit Strategies, Game Showcase, Technical Expertise, Q&A and event a Review Circle so you can trade reviews with other members.

Ready To Get Started Now?

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In the past we’ve charged as much as $297 per month for packages this large, but we truly wanted Academy Insiders to be affordable for everyone.  Our goal is to make this the largest and most active private app entrepreneur community available, and so far we’re succeeding.

The price of Academy Insiders is only $37 per month, but we’re currently offering a 14 day all access pass to Academy Insiders, including a special edition Newsletter and three complete source codes, for only $1.

If you enjoy being an Academy Insider, then simply do nothing and in 14 days we’ll charge your account and give you the latest newsletter and source code.  If at anytime you want to cancel, simply email and we’ll take care of it immediately.

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