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21 Sep 2013

Insider Tip from Angela

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Angela is probably the hardest working person I know.  She got our original App Elite course and has since built a monster business.  With well over 13,000,000 downloads and many 6 figure months under her belt, she’s one of the most successful students we’ve had!

Angela also sends us videos with ninja tricks she figures out.  It’s always random and it’s always killer content.  We’ve learned a lot from these insider tips and today we bring one to you.

Check it out:

Video for treys blog: How to get more downloads on apple apps from Angela Hayes on Vimeo.

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  1. This sounds like some great advice and very important but didn’t actually make much sense. I feel a better explanation is required or there is some important details left out.


  2. Wow, this makes a lot of sense 🙂 I’m not sure why more people haven’t realized it LOL Also, you will spend more time in the new release section for each country for that day (and alot of people are still up at midnight downloading games). Thanks for the tip Angela!!

  3. Hmmm… Interesting headlines. I wish the video has captions so that Deaf people like me have the equal access to the information spoken on the vimeos. Unlike YouTube gives the vloggers the option to add closed captioning.

    1. Rathore

      Hey DS basically the tip here is when you upload a binary on app store you schedule the app to be released by you around 6 month from time of upload meanwhile apple will approve the app after review and you can now decide the time of launch ..
      So when apps get approve u gotta follow the steps in video and set the app to be launched on mid night of every country’s time zone.
      Now people like me or many other generally get time to look into new releases section of app store around mid night or even many people will look for new releases early morning .. as generally a lesser number of people are spending time on finding whats new on there app store page 😉

      1. Tasnim ahmed

        Apple will automatically release the game on whats the problem here?why should i release manually when apple is automatically doing that for me?!

  4. Hey Guys Angela Here 🙂

    Indeed LAT you are correct .. I most of the people I talk to are North Americans so if you are in AU for example it would be ok to do it 24 hours before. But honestly I schedule mine at least 48 hours no matter what so it has time to register in apples system. You know how they can sometimes be slow to recognize! 😉

  5. AND HELLO to those of you who need more understanding – I think this video was totally targeted towards people who have multiple apps in the store and have good knowledge of itunes connect, so for sure I can see how it could be confusing to some if you have not done this type of thing on *wash/rinse/repeat* for a awhile like some may not make 100% sense to you. The best thing to do is go into your apps information area and play around in the rights and pricing area and see what I mean.

    Also when setting up an app next time , pay close attention to the release date and set it to launch months away from now. Then once its approved, go back in and set the date to release manually on a date you choose.

    Always make sure to schedule it at least 48 hours away from the time you are currently setting this up and you will be golden!!

    This allows it to release in every single country on the midnight hour as it hits midnight in each country at a different space in time.

    If you let your apps auto release when apple approved them, who is to say what time that will be, and then your app goes into the new release section at that approved time and you miss all the countries whom hit midnight long before your app was approved.

    I VOTE YES! for manual release… lol

  6. DS – sorry about that dude! There is no way I could have typed out that 5 minutes video. The above mentioned pretty much clears up what I was saying. I also did not realize you tube offered closed captions. Thanks for that info!

  7. I am a little confused 🙁 Do you mean if I want to release my app on Saturday, then I should set my release date to Thursday? OR do you mean if I want to release my app on Saturday that I should set it to Saturday on Thursday? If you could explain that would be Awesome! Thanks

  8. Jesse

    What she is saying is set your initial date set up 6 months out, then come back in after your approved and set it for the date you want make sure it is at least 48 hours out or from that day to make sure it hits all the countries.

    Hope this helps! good luck

  9. Ed

    Sorry, don’t get this – if the availability date will be set at the end of December 2013, when then Apple will review the app? Is it also not at the end of December 2013? I mean what is the reason for Apple to review this app earlier?


  10. OK Guys ill explain one more time and i hope i can make this clear… it doesn’t matter when you tell your app to release while your setting it up for review… apple will review and approve it still even if you set it to release 4 years form now!! they dont care about your release date… so this is a MUTE! point… it doesnt matter what the release date is, just set it for far away.

    Then once approved go back in and set it to release on the date of your choice…. MAKE SURE you set the date at least 48 hours away from the time it is while your sitting in your chair pressing enter!

    You can set it 48 hours away, 7 days away 2 weeks away.. it doesnt matter.. you just want to make sure you hit every single country on their midnight on their date… so if you set it to release in 10 hours… pretend its friday now and tomorrow is saturday… DO NOT SET IT TO RELEASE.. because its already saturday in china and you will miss their new release section.

    And yes it is true im talking about games.. we make games 🙂

  11. Tasnim ahmed

    “when apple approves your app & you are ready to release always release your app at least 48 hours before the day you want to release!sp pretend today is 25th,and you wanna release it on are perfectly fine to go.

    now today is 25 th and you wanna release it on 26th do not do that.

    when apple releases an app it releases at midnight at each country respectively.the asian country+aus hits midnight first.canada usa hits midnight last.

    so if you allow apple to automatically release your app date of approval lets see you got approved at 2pm pacific standard time and its approved in 500 just missed every single countries new release section that hit midnight before 2 pm pacific standard time sure its gonna push you into the new release section at 2pm pacific standard time.but it is already the next day in all those other countries that are like 14-20 hours ahead of you missed the new release section in every single one of those avoid doing that you need to release your apps at least 48 hours before the date you wanted actually to get it lives that it hits every countries new release section at will get the most download you possibly hit the new release section in every single will end up getting tons of downloads” – transcription of the video !

  12. Thanks Tasnin that’s great of you to do that but the phrasing could be understood two ways.

    I think all people want to be sure of is: Is the date you set in iTunes in the future or the past?

    Angela: I think you mean- Once approved, in iTunes Connect, set the date in the drop-down to be 2 days (48hrs) into the future.

    So, if it’s the 25th, then setting the drop-down to the 27th (future) is what you want to do. But setting to the 23rd (the past) isn’t what you want. (Setting it to 26th also isn’t good because you still might miss some stores who reach midnight well ahead of the US).

    Otherwise the app won’t appear at all in New Releases section in any stores in a later time zone than the US.

  13. Lala

    Excellent tip thanks Angela. Just to summarize my understanding: I want all my apps to release on a Friday (regardless of country) which is my busiest day – so I have to set it to Friday’s date 48 hours before Friday’s date so that that date (Friday) will be picked up by all countries on their respective Fridays. Because – if I set it to Friday on Thursday afternoon, it’s already Friday in New Zealand and other countries in the East which means I’ve completely missed their Friday new releases. Shoo, now I’m confusing myself, but I think I’ve got it 😉 i hope…

  14. Does Tasnim want to come work with me? LOL Thanks man 🙂

    Also guys im not sure where the part where the release date was set before or after came into play. I think this may be a simple case of people over thinking this issue.

    Its simple..

    Set app to release way down the road when setting it up

    Let apple approve it

    Go back in and manually release it for the day you want to release it (of course a date after the day you are currently on LOL)

    Make sure you set it to release at least 48 hours away from your current space in time!! or you will get stuck in the NO NEW RELEASE time warp… lol

    That’s all..

    If you have a uttility and not a game,, this will not work cause you have no new release section! 🙂

    1. Tasnim ahmed

      not really 😛 .didnt understand first time.then previewed few times.but didnt understand again.then wrote down the transcription of the video.and thought the transcription is helping why not sharing this transcription with others so it can help everyone.

      Thanks Angela.Will try this on my upcoming games.which will be released on this friday and saturday.hoping for a big launch!

  15. Gianni

    Hm..Once Apple approve your app its in state processing for app and then ready for sale no matter what date you set up .
    IF I set up date 2 week in advance and then changed 48h after it was approved that what you mean saying “go manually release app in iTunes COnnect” .
    From my experience,only when updating apps I can choose to release app manual..hope I am wrong. 🙂

  16. Thanks Angela – can’t wait to implement this, seems very cool to me. I think if your standing at your computer, if you turn and spin around 3 times very fast at least 48 hours in advance before the date you want your app to be released then each country will receive your app properly at midnight their time. But just be careful if you manual release 7 days in a row – people might talk… lol just sayin’… 🙂 thank you for this and all that you and your compadres do for us……….

  17. Gianni

    ” Go back in and manually
    release it for the day you want
    to release it (of course a date
    after the day you are currently
    on LOL)”
    WTF is this :-)?
    Apple approve your app and app gets status Ready for Sale.
    In my experience I cannot release app manually, only when updating app this is possible.

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