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11 Aug 2014

Your Indie Studio’s Facebook Post Frequency Should Be…

Truthfully, we have no idea. Because every case is different, we cannot give you a solid number of times you should be posting content to your Facebook Page. Nevertheless, we are going to make it our mission to discover how often you should be posting new content to your indie studio’s Facebook Page. Without further ado, here is how to find the ‘sweet spot’ for the number of times you should post content to your Page.



In the past, the rule of thumb was that you should post between two-to-five times per day on your Facebook Page (give or take a few numbers based on your situation). Those days are gone, and the experts at Bufferapp actually suggest that you post two times per day every single day (yes, including weekends). If you are starting your indie studio’s Facebook Page for the first time, start with this many posts per day, and if you want to spend your weekends free from the clutches of Facebook? Learn how to schedule your Facebook posts within Facebook.

For the rest of you? You need to find out what is working for you already. To find this out for yourself, go to ‘Facebook Insights’ on your Page, select ‘Reach,’ change the date range to discover how your posts have reached over time, and notice large changes in engagement (for instance, you may see a huge gap between certain dates).



Pages to Watch

You need to also use Facebook’s ‘Pages to Watch’ feature to see how much engagement, Page likes, etc. your competition is getting.  From the baseline you gathered above, you can compare the results of other Pages to determine the ‘sweet spot’ for the amount of posts you should be posting daily. Check out our overview of Pages to Watch here.


Plan of action

So how do you figure out how many posts you should be posting daily? By experimenting. Here’s what I suggest doing:


  • This week, start posting content on your Facebook Page more often than usual.
    • Post four times per day? Raise the average by two posts daily – and be sure to post every day!
  • Next week, compare the results between the test week and your normal posting day the week before.
  • This will allow you to compare your normal activity between your experimental activity.
  • Do you see a slight increase in engagement? Has anything changed?
  • Continue experimenting until you see an increase in engagement.
    • Consider posting less, posting different types of content, etc.

The keyword is ‘experimenting.’ With the tools posted above, you can easily figure out what types and frequency of posts work and which do not. From there, you will be able to figure out the ideal amount of posts you should be posting to your Facebook Page.


Have any tips or comments regarding how many posts you should post on Facebook daily? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve found Hootsuite easier to use than Buffer. You can also use it for a long time on the free plan. I only upgraded to Pro recently.

    Posting via FB can also a hassle and sometimes it doesn’t save the posts. In addition, using Hootsuite allows you to hit all of the social media platforms in one crack. Don’t worry about posting the same content on all your SM channels. It’s fine in the beginning and leverages your time.

    First, setup a RSS reader like Feedly. Follow sites that puts out quality content related to your game. Curating content from these channels give your audience what they want without you having to create the content.

    Then sit down for an hour a week and schedule out all of your content for the week in Hootsuite. Twice a day, like is mentioned above, is a good place to start. It doesn’t have to take up a ton of time. Remember to throw your links in there too.

    Finally, remember to check in with your FB account from time to time and block fake likes. Fake likes only hurt your engagement and reduce the probability that people see your posts.

    Good Luck!


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