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11 Nov 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Using Facebook Groups to Improve Your Brand

The great thing about Facebook is that there are tons of ways to market your indie studio. We’ve touched on many different Facebook marketing tips that your indie studio needs to practice, but one tip we haven’t touched on is Facebook Groups. If you use Facebook regularly, you have probably seen Facebook Group recommendations at the corner of your news feed – and heck, maybe you are a member of a few of them! Facebook Groups are making a comeback in a big way, and the best news of all?

You can use this vintage feature of Facebook to connect with your customers better than ever, and improve your indie studio’s brand in the long run. The fantastic marketing resource Social Media Examiner gives a few pointers for using Facebook Groups the best way, so check out a few of them below.

Know exactly what your customers think about your brand

The beauty of Facebook Groups is that everything said within the group cannot be seen to non-members. Thus, everyone is going to be more inclined to tell you exactly what they think about your brand. Especially if you frequent the group often, you are going to have the opportunity to speak candidly with your customers and learn about what you are doing properly, what you need to improve, etc.

We see this happening all the time on Steam. Because every game has a forum, players are able to speak directly with indie developers and tell them exactly what they think about the game. Moreover, they can discuss the game in detail with other players.

Provide support to the community

Facebook Groups is also a great way to provide support to your players. For example, if someone is having a problem with booting up your PC game, by providing a few troubleshooting tips in the group, you will have created a reference for everyone to use whenever they run into the same situation. In a way, Facebook Groups can kind of become a sort of wiki for your indie studio, which will provide even more incentive for your players to join the group.

Leads, leads, leads

Best of all? Using Facebook Groups is a great way to announce new products that you are offering. You can be assured that your regular members will have the opportunity to see exactly what you have to say and what you are offering without having to worry about whether your status updates on Facebook are being seen by the majority of your fans.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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