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5 Feb 2015

Indie Game Marketing: Twitter Introduces Quick Promote

It is only February, but Twitter has already rolled out some great newsworthy features designed to help people like you to promote your brand easier than ever. Twitter hopes to keep the combo chain going with the announcement of Quick Promote: a tool that will extend the reach of your best Tweets. Below is how it works.

By accessing the Tweet activity dashboard, you can now promote a Tweet that will automatically target new users that have similar interests in your followers. That’s right: instead of having to find these users and engage with them on your own, you can put your best Tweets on ‘autopilot’ and force them to do the hard work for you. Simply create a budget for your promoted Tweets (the budget will be based around how many users you want to reach), then watch users engage with your promoted Tweets in real-time!

It is essentially the same as promoting your posts in Facebook, but with a ‘Twitter Twist.’ This type of promotion seems more tailor-made for Twitter anyhow, but only time will tell if the feature is a success. Until then, give the new feature a shot – and reach more Twitter users than ever before!

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