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3 Dec 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Twitter Announces ‘Twitter Offers’

Over the last year, Twitter has been making strides to become one of the destinations for marketing via social media. Facebook found great success with implementing ads into its social network years ago, and Twitter is aiming to follow in its footsteps. It’s been a positive transition thus far, and that transition continues with one of the company’s biggest announcements yet: Twitter Offers.

Twitter Offers will allow your indie studio to entice your audience to take advantage of any deals that your studio may be offering. How it works is pretty simple, too: simply advertise a deal (e.g. 50% off a selection of games) which will pop up in your follower’s timeline. If they want to take advantage of the deal, they can add your offer to their credit or debit card, then make the purchase as usual. After a few days, the amount of the discount will return to their card.

What’s awesome about this is you no longer have to juggle endless promo codes – and your customers won’t either! With a few simple clicks, they will be able to take advantage of your deal within seconds, making these deals, well, ideal for spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Twitter also states that business will be able to:

“…attribute redemptions directly to their campaigns on Twitter, so that they can effectively measure the ROI from their promotions. Additionally, we make it easy for merchants to get up and running because they can use their existing payment network, there’s no change to the consumer purchase process. By leveraging Twitter’s robust targeting capabilities, advertisers can tailor their promotions and campaigns to the right audience, while optimizing for performance.”

Unfortunately, this feature is only available in the United States, but if it’s a hit, it’s a guarantee it will move into other regions of the world. It’s a great new feature that could help you to earn extra sales quickly, so give it a shot!

Source: Twitter

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