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2 Feb 2015

Indie Game Marketing: Sharing Video With Twitter Is Finally Simple

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It’s no secret that Twitter is one of the best platforms for marketing your indie studio. It is not a place just for tweets though: users share Vines, audio, GIFs, etc. all the time. For some reason, sharing videos via Twitter the moment you capture them on your smart device has always been a hassle. It does not make any sense. It’s 2015: we should be able to capture video with our smartphone and share it with our Twitter followers instantly, but it isn’t that easy.

Until now.

Finally, Twitter has announced that yes indeed, you can now share videos directly with your followers from within the Twitter app. It is currently supported only for iPhone users (Twitter’s official blog post mentions Android users can get in on the action soon), but it makes sharing video content instantly as easy as it always should have been. We do not have to tell you how great this is if you want to share video content related to your indie studio on the fly, but even so, we will just come out and tell you: this update could change the way you market your indie studio on Twitter.

Videos up to 30 seconds will be supported – more than enough time to get your message out to the world. Are you going to incorporate this new feature into your marketing game plan? Let us know in the comments below!

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