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23 Jan 2015

Indie Game Marketing: Promoting Your Indie Studio With Tumblr

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Yesterday, we detailed why you need to be using Tumblr to promote your indie studio. It’s well worth a read (and we’re not just saying that). If you have no idea why Tumblr can be an asset to your marketing gameplan, give it a read then come back.

Are you back? Good! Now let’s take a look at how to promote your indie studio via Tumblr.

Tumblr’s currency is ‘creativity’

No, Tumblr doesn’t actually have an economic system; but even so, if you want to be noticed on Tumblr you have to be creative. Most Tumblr users use the platform to be as creative as possible. Remember when we mentioned yesterday that Tumblr is one of the most open and flexible social networks out there? It shouldn’t come as no surprise that the average Tumblr user is using the platform to unleash their creativity.

If you have had some wild, creative ideas about how to market your indie studio’s brand, try them out on Tumblr: in fact, if your regular ideas seem a bit mild, spice them up a bit. The more creative, the more your audience is going to respond, so experiment with creativity and see what you can do!

Writing a blog post? Keep it brief.

The beauty of Tumblr is there is a ton of unique content on the platform. Whatever you are interested in, you can almost literally find hours’ worth of content on the site. Unfortunately, that also means you need to be as brief as possible – especially when writing blog posts. If possible, follow the advice that we gave to our readers recently: show instead of telling whenever possible. If you have to write a blog post, keep it under 200 words to ensure you keep the user’s attention.

Reshare your audience’s content

Resharing what your audience posts will give you a lot of clout. Tumblr users love it when you share their content, and they will be much more likely to return the favor of sharing your own content as well. Be sure to share relevant content on your indie studio’s Tumblr blog though; otherwise, it could muck up your entire Tumblr presence.

Have fun

That’s really what Tumblr is all about: having fun, sharing awesome content, and creating a sense of community. Be creative, be vibrant, and above all, provide value to other Tumblr users by sharing compelling content while sharing new information regarding your brand. The sky is the limit when marketing on Tumblr, so give it a go today!

Do you have any questions or comments regarding marketing on Tumblr? Let us know in the comments below!

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