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2 Oct 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Increase the Reach Of Your Google Hangouts On Air

Google Hangouts On Air: it’s probably one of the best marketing tools you’re not using. We’ve discussed how to use Google Hangouts On Air to promote yourself and even how to increase your Google Hangouts On Air audience, but today we’re going to show you real quick how to increase the actual reach of your Google Hangouts On Air sessions.

Real quick: why should you even bother using Google Hangouts On Air? It’s simple: it’s one of the best ways to communicate in real-time with your audience. From showing off a world-exclusive trailer for your next indie game to conducting a Q&A session with your audience (all in real-time, mind you), it’s an awesome tool that doesn’t get enough love.

Read more about it in the links above.

Social Media Examiner has a great tip for increasing the reach of your Google Hangouts On Air session: by embedding it to Facebook and Twitter as it’s actually happening. We’ve mentioned announcing  that your Google Hangouts On Air sessions is going live before, but to actually embed the hangout session on two of the most popular social media platforms while your followers can watch it in real-time? That’s awesome!

Before you begin, reference our posts above to learn about the equipment and minimum requirements for hosting a Google Hangouts On Air session.

From there, simply log into Google+, go to the Google Hangouts On Air page, then select ‘Hangouts On Air.’ Select ‘Start a Google Hangouts On Air,’ then type the info for your Google Hangouts On Air session, then click ‘Share.’

Social Media Examiner suggests that you name/describe the Google Hangouts On Air session as you want it to appear on YouTube. After all, this will be saved as a YouTube video after the session is over. Be sure to include proper keywords related to the event.

Ensure the Google Hangouts On Air session is Public, select the ‘Start’ button to set up the Google Hangouts On Air session, then invite the people you want to star in the event (your team members, for example).

With all of that out of the way…

Now it’s time to give Facebook and Twitter audience a chance to watch your Google Hangouts On Air session directly from each respective social media platform. Keep the Google+ tab open, then select ‘Click the Preview’ button in order to convert the preview window into a video. Select the YouTube logo to view your Google Hangouts On Air session in YouTube.

To embed the session, click the ‘Share’ button on the YouTube video and copy the link. If you have shared YouTube videos in the past, you know where we’re going with this.


Go to your indie studio’s Facebook Page and paste the link (of course, write an update to go along with the link that announced your Google Hangouts On Air session). While the link creates a preview, the beauty of this trick is it will not go live until your Google Hangouts On Air session begins its broadcast.

The trick is the same for Twitter: paste the link into a tweet and include relevant info.

After that? Go back to your Google Hangouts On Air tab and begin the broadcasting. There you have it: an easy way to embed your Google Hangouts On Air session with your Facebook and Twitter followers – how awesome!

A big thanks to Social Media Examiner for this tip. I would have had no idea it even existed without them!

Source: Social Media Examiner

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