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20 Oct 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Improving the Visibility of Facebook Posts

If you are noticing that your followers are not interacting with your Facebook posts, it may be because they cannot see them in their news feed in the first place! Believe it or not, but your Page is in competition with your follower’s friends/Pages they follow. If your content doesn’t appear to be engaging or interesting enough, Facebook may bury it.

Thus, you need to know how to improve the visibility of your Facebook posts in order to ensure that the bulk of your followers see them. Luckily, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind when attempting to improve the visibility of your posts. Follow the few of these below, and watch your indie studio’s posts flourish with activity!

Include links whenever possible

Facebook loves it when you share links with your followers. Even so, the way you can share links is not created equally. There are certain ways to share links (automatic preview link with text, link only, photo and text with link to name a few), but according to Social Media Examiner, the best format to use is to include a text message along with an automatic preview link in order to get the max visibility possible.

This format will generate the most views possible (and that’s straight from Facebook), so use this method regularly when sharing links.

Avoid ‘click-bait’

We’ve all seen posts that tease viewers into clicking a link to read more. These posts withhold information in order to spark the viewer’s interest, and Facebook hates them. They’re called ‘click-bait,’ and the Web is littered with articles that purposely withhold information in their headline in order to get viewers to click their link (thus, driving more hits to the publication’s website).

Sharing links with click-bait headlines could actually cause your posts to be buried in the long-run. SME explains that because Facebook measures the span of time between someone clicking a link and returning to Facebook, if that number is low, the Page posting the click-bait may actually be flagged as a Page that posts low-quality content.

While you may get a boost in views due to the curiosity factor, it isn’t worth it. Thus, SME suggests that when sharing links, don’t include click-bait headlines. Rather, explain exactly what the link you are sharing is about with a suitable headline, which will drive those that are actually interesting in the shared link to go read it thoroughly.

The result? While you probably won’t get as many clicks as you would if you were using click-bait tactics, you will get clicks from those that are actually interested in what you are posting. Because of their interest, they are going to stay on the page you linked a lot longer, thus increasing the amount of time they are away from Facebook.

Eventually, Facebook will notice that you are posting content that is keeping your followers away from Facebook a lot longer, which in turn will keep your Page from being buried in your follower’s news feed. This tactic won’t pay off overnight (in fact, it could take a while), but eventually, it’ll result in more fans and an improved reach.

But only if you…

Post content your followers want to see

Tip #2 falls apart if your followers just don’t care about the content you are posting. If nobody is clicking on the links, Facebook will definitely flag your Page as one that posts poor content (thus, flagging your Page). It’s important to know the type of content your followers want to see, and you can do this by examining other indie studios and noticing what type of content they post.

In the end, it all comes down to posting quality content in a way that will keep your followers away from Facebook and more on the links you post on a regular basis. If you can pull that off (and I know you can), your posts will show up much more often in your follower’s news feeds.

Have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Social Media Examiner

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