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18 Nov 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Get More Activity From Your Twitter Posts

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Everybody wants to improve the amount of activity that is on their Twitter feed – and it doesn’t matter how many people respond to your Twitter updates either! Whether you only get a few responses per day or a few hundred, it doesn’t matter: there is always room for improvement.

So how do you improve how much activity your Twitter posts receive? There are many ways; and the outstanding resource Social Media Examiner has a few tips for achieving exactly this. See what we mean below.


As simple as questions

People love answering questions. It’s one of the easiest ways to share one’s opinion, and if your indie studio asks a compelling question, expect a bunch of responses. However, your questions need to be short and to-the-point. Leave out the multi-sentence questions that require some thought: here, you’re looking for questions that can be answered in a matter of seconds.

For this reason, fill-in-the-blank tweets are one of the best ways to get more activity, and allows your followers to show you how creative they can be.


Want to show off your game? Use a real-life example

People post screenshots of their new games all the time. It’s easy and requires little thought, but because of this, it’s nearly impossible for game screenshots to stand out. People love a human touch to their brands, so why not snap a photo of someone playing your indie game and enjoying it?

Furthermore, why not snap a picture of your friends playing the indie game in a comfortable setting. Think about this for a second: when you chill out with your friends and play games, what does the environment usually look like? You usually have snacks on the coffee table, drinks scattered around the area, and friends laughing. Capture that moment with your indie game’s screenshot being the focal point of the picture!

Your Twitter followers will love these types of pictures. We don’t recommend taking them often, but when you really want to get some eyes on a new screenshot, thinking outside the box and presenting a human element to the screenshot is the way to go.


Post reviews

If you are not posting real-life reviews of your indie game from Steam, App Store, Google Play – wherever you sell your games – then you are doing your brand a disservice. Your Twitter followers want to see proof that your indie games are awesome, and by posting reviews written by actual players, you can prove this to them. Furthermore, you can even snap images of written  reviews and post them on Twitter, proving to your followers that yes, people are digging your indie game.

And if someone says something nice about your indie game? Retweet them! It makes the Twitter user feel great, shows that you listen to your fans, and once again proves that your indie studio is doing great work.

Do you have any questions or comments about improving your activity on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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