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24 Dec 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Fresh Tools and Insights For Facebook

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If you thought we were finished talking about Facebook this week, well, we’re not yet! It’s been a big month for Facebook as they finish 2014 with a host of new features and tools, and today’s array of tools and various insights is no different. Let’s jump to it, and see what new features can help you to reach your customers like never before on Facebook!


Interest targeting

Facebook now allows you to target your posts to a certain demographic that like your Page. For example, if you want to publish a post that compares your new indie game to Endless Legend, you could specify that your members of your audience will see the post only if they like at least one of the following: Endless Legend, Amplitude Studios (the developers of the game), Iceberg Interactive (the publisher of the game), Endless Space (the game developed before Endless Legend), strategy games, and 4X strategy games. This will ensure that every post will be seen only by the people that will care about it the most.


Place an expiration date on your posts

Facebook’s Post End Date feature allows you to specify when a post will stop appearing in your audience’s News Feed, but will continue to appear on your Page. If you are posting content that is only relevant for a little while (such an announcement that you will be appearing at a certain booth at a trade show), this is going to be a great way to ensure all of your content is timely.


Insight improvements

Insights are one of the most important aspects of growing a fanbase on Facebook, and the improvements to insights are a great addition. For starters, Facebook has added a top URLs section that will show URL-level reporting and showcase whenever other Pages and influencers share one of your Facebook posts. It’s a great way to know where your insights are coming from.

Here’s to a successful 2015 of marketing your indie studio on Facebook!

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