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12 Nov 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Create a LinkedIn Network That Can Expand Your Reach

When you think about using social media to market your indie studio, there are only a few social networks that pop into your mind: Facebook, Twitter, possibly Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. But there’s one social network that is just begging for you to use for marketing purposes, and because it’s tailored specifically to professional networking, most indie developers never consider using it.

Of course, I’m talking about LinkedIn.

We’ve mentioned LinkedIn power tips in the past, but to really get the most out of LinkedIn? You need to build a network that can expand your reach! The fantastic resource Social Media Examiner has a few tips for achieving exactly this, so let’s take a look, shall we?


Integrate your contacts with your LinkedIn account

This is actually one of the first things you should do when setting up your LinkedIn account. LinkedIn gives you the ability to import your email contacts from your email account, and because you conduct business regularly via email (or at least we presume you do), you can find the contacts you communicate with the most.

Social Media Examiner states that doing this is a cinch: Go to ‘Connections,’ Select ‘Add Connections,’ and choose the proper email provider.

Be sure that you don’t choose the option to send every person in your contact list an invitation to connect though. Just walk through the list of contacts, choose which ones you want to connect with (you probably won’t want to connect with every contact), and then use LinkedIn’s ‘People You May Know Feature’ to find other professionals that are linked to your contacts.

While you may not know these people, it’s a good idea to check this feature regularly and see which professionals are worth adding to your network. I’ve found clients just by using this method on LinkedIn alone, and you too will be able to connect with professionals that can help you to propel your indie studio forward.


But don’t accept every invite

As your network continues to grow, you will inevitable get invitations to connect from people that you not only don’t know, but who have nothing to do with your market. While you may be tempted to add every person that adds you, don’t. Look over their profile, and ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Could they potentially improve my brand’s reach?
  2. Could they introduce me to people I don’t already know (you can figure this out my seeing which professionals they are already connected with).

If the answer is no to both these questions, don’t add them. You only want to add professionals that can be a benefit to improving your brand; in turn, this will eliminate the risk of diluting your overall network.


Finally, use LinkedIn Groups

I recently started taking my own advice and began using LinkedIn Groups, and wow: the amount of connections you can make by simply adding to a few conversations is nearly jaw-dropping. You need to wade through proper groups as many of them are overrun by spammers, but there are plenty of great, tightly-moderated groups that can help you to expand your network (you just have to do a little searching).

Simply converse with other people in the groups, and before long, you will meet new professionals that may be able to help you to grow your brand.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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