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2 Dec 2014

Indie Game Marketing: Converting Email Subscribers Into Customers

If your indie studio releases a newsletter regularly (if not, we’ll help you to set one up later this week), then you probably want to maximize its reach as much as possible. Thus, you need to convert your email subscribers into actual customers, and the next step to doing this is to entice them to follow you on social media. The always excellent Social Media Examiner has a few ways that you can do this, so let’s take a look at them.


The first thing subscribers see

Whenever a fan subscribes to your newsletter, the first thing they need to see whenever they get a confirmation email welcoming them to the newsletter are the different areas where they can follow your brand. If the person is excited about your brand, they are going to want to follow you elsewhere so they can get the latest details on what your indie studio is doing.

Don’t simply post links regarding where to follow you though. You want to entice your audience into following your indie studio, and the best way to do this is to assure your followers that they will receive updates, interesting content, and exclusive information on everything going on with your indie studio. If they’re fans, they won’t want to miss out!


Every newsletter must have social media links

In every edition of your newsletter, make certain that you have links to your social media pages near the top. Again, you want this to be one of the first things your viewers see with every newsletter. Be aware that this could turn some of your fans off though – especially if the links are a little too ‘in your face’ (i.e. you don’t know it to take up a large portion of the newsletter). To avoid this backlash, consider placing small, colorful social media icons in the newsletter. It’s easy on the eyes and isn’t pushy.


Send special requests for engagement

Since you have a database full of email addresses, consider doing an email campaign to get your fans to follow you on your social media pages. Let them know that if they follow you, one lucky fan will get a free copy of one of your games, a gift card, etc. Giving people a reason to follow you works like a charm, and once you have them following you, rope them in and ensure they stick around for good by releasing compelling content at all times.

Email is still a powerful tool for increasing your customer base better than ever before. It may seem like an old, out-of-date technology, but it’s far from useless. Have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Social Media Examiner

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