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3 Feb 2015

Indie Game Marketing: Blogging Ideas That Always Deliver

Although we have been discussing the importance of using visual content to market your indie studio in 2015 that does not mean that you need to stop blogging. Creating original blog content is still very powerful; and it is crucial that you continue to blog often. However, figuring out content to blog about can be difficult – especially when it is related to your indie studio. Thankfully, the always-excellent resource Social Media Examiner recently shared a few great ideas to help you with your next blog posts; a few of which can be related to your indie studio. Check out a few of them below. If you have time, check out their full list (linked at the bottom of this post).


You probably have knowledge that you can share with other aspiring indie developers. Especially if you are being asked the same questions often (i.e. how to start your own studio, how to finish the first game, etc.), you can easily create a how-to post out of these questions. If you want to broaden the topic even further, think about the questions you had when you are first starting out and the type of answers you wish you had. How-to articles are great for not only providing a service to the community, but will also show that you are an authority when it comes to developing indie games; as we have said here often, coming across as an authority is one of the best ways to give your brand the attention you desire.

Announcements always work

Social Media Examiner also suggests that if you have an announcement worth mentioning, do so in a blog post! Give your audience an inside look into what is going on at your indie studio. Whether you want to announce a new trailer for your upcoming game or you simply want to announce that you have a new team member, a blog post is a great way to do this.

Don’t stop at just a blog post though – make these announcements via video as well. In fact…

Repurpose other content into a blog post

Blog posts are so flexible in the way that you can present content that it is super simple to repurpose old content into a blog post. Going back to the how-to idea for second, if you created a how-to video at some point and you want to get new eyes on the content, consider creating a blog post out of the content while linking it to the original YouTube video. Not only does this mean new content for you, but it also gives you a chance to introduce new people to your other original content.

Not only should you repurpose your visual content into blog posts, but you should make a habit of creating a sort of synergy between your blog posts and your other content. It’s a smart way to market yourself, and not enough people do this anyway. It never hurts, and it only helps.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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