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15 Sep 2014

Indie Developers: Use These Tips to Create Shareable Videos

Last week, we discussed a few online tools for creating shareable images that are sure to help you to promote your indie studio on your favorite social media platforms. While creating shareable images is one of the best ways to promote your indie studio, you shouldn’t count out the power of video.

People love video – and they’re sharing it more than ever. So jump on the bandwagon, and create shareable videos that aim to promote your indie studio in a different yet highly effective way. Below are a few awesome online tools that you can use to create shareable videos aimed at increasing your sales!


If you read our post last week discussing the best online tools for creating shareable images, then you already know that those tools make creating shareable images so simple that literally anyone can use them. Seriously: if you know how to use a mouse, you can use those tools. Video on the other hand? It’s never been simple to create.

PowToon is hoping to change that – and it looks like they already have. A tool that allows anyone to create shareable, informative, animated videos in minutes, PowToon requires absolutely no recording and no experience creating videos. Best of all? The tool provides a host of features that make keeping your customer’s attention easier than ever. Get your message across in animated form thanks to PowToon then share it with your audience: believe us, they’ll love it!


Vine seemingly came out of nowhere two years ago, and since then? The world has been infatuated with creating shareable, seconds-long video for the world to see.

The great thing about Vine is that you promise your followers that they have nothing to lose when watching your Vine other than a few seconds of their time. If it looks even remotely interesting, your followers are going to watch it, thus making it easier than ever to get your message across thanks to this amazing service.

If you’re not sure how to use Vine effectively, never fear! We wrote a guide on how to use Vine to improve brand awareness a few months ago, so refer to it before you start using the service.


If you want a combination of both images and videos in your shareable video clip, then you need Animoto. With the ability to take all of the pictures/videos you have taken on your smartphone (iOS and Android only) and/or your computer, Animoto makes it a cinch to share hi-def videos with your followers. Animoto even offers their service for businesses complete with branding and call-to-action features and beyond. Animoto is flexible, easy to use, and even a lot of fun, so try it today!

Do you have any suggested tools we can add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!


Thanks to Social Media Examiner for the PowToon tip.

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