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13 Nov 2014

Indie Developers: Use These Tools To Fight Procrastination

As the work week begins to wind down, it’s way too easy to give in to procrastination. Maybe you’re ahead of schedule for the week or maybe you’re a little behind but think you can kill it tomorrow, it doesn’t matter. If you are giving in to procrastination – cut it out.

That’s easier said than done, and while we’ve mentioned productivity tips to fight procrastination, there are other tools you can use to fight procrastination better than ever. Below are a few that I highly recommend.


White Noise

If you need to use the power of sound to help you to concentrate, you need to be picky about the type of sound you choose. While you may be tempted to put on an album by your favorite band or artist, listening to music with words can actually keep you from working productively. Have you ever found yourself trailing off and singing a song in your head instead of working? That’s keeping you from focusing and working at your best.

Fortunately, a Chrome Extension called White Noise is to the rescue! Complete with a few different soothing noises (white, gray, pink, brown, blue, and violet noises), just press the button on the color noise you want to listen to, adjust the volume, and get to work!

If you want a more geek-tailored solution to focusing on your work, as we’ve mentioned before, YouTuber Crysknife007 has bunch of different videos made to help you focus and/or relax!



Need to be reminded when tasks are due? Then you need Finish – an iPhone app that alerts you of your ever-looming deadlines. Finish allows you to sort your tasks into three terms:

  • Short Term (tasks that take 0-2 days)
  • Mid Term (tasks that take 3-7 days)
  • Long Term (tasks that take longer than 8 days)

As the days pas, your tasks will move through Finish’s term blocks, to which Finish will send you push notifications at different points in time. It’s a great way to stay on top of the tasks at-hand, but if you don’t want to be bothered? Finish also has a mode called Focus, which only shows you the most important tasks in each block. Simple yet powerful, it’s a great way to see exactly how much time you have left to do everything.


Productivity Owl

Here’s an unusual productivity tool for Google Chrome – but it works. This unique extension is designed to keep you off of every web page unless you absolutely need to visit it. Choose how much time you need to visit on each website, dictate how much time you need for each site, show Productivity Owl what you are looking for, then grab the information before the owl closes the tab.

You can whitelist certain sites and block every website that uses certain keywords. It’s a great way to stay on task, so give it a try!



For Android users out there that can’t stop looking at certain apps during the day, there’s AppDetox. Allowing you to restrict how many times you can launch an app per day or even blocking an app altogether during specific times of day or even entire days of the week, this powerful app is just what you need to focus on developing your indie games. You can even restrict access forever (or you can just uninstall the app).

When you try to access a blocked app, AppDetox will alert you to the violation and will even keep a time-stamped record of it to rub in the guilt. If you are serious about not using your Android device while working, AppDetox is a godsend.


Have any recommended tools for defeating procrastination? Let us know in the comments below!

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