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24 Dec 2014

Indie Developers: Reward Yourself With One Of These Late Christmas Gifts

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With Christmas just around the corner (quite literally at this point with today being Christmas Eve and all), I thought it would be appropriate to give you guys and gals a few ideas regarding what you can purchase for yourself to celebrate the holiday season. You’ve worked hard – you deserve to reward yourself with something awesome! If you can’t come up with any ideas, don’t worry: I’ve done the hard work for you. Below are a few gift ideas to reward yourself for a job well done in 2014.

Here’s to hoping 2015 is even more successful!


Mechanical keyboard

I’ve mentioned it before, and I have to say it again: one of the best and most productive investment I’ve ever made has been purchasing a mechanical keyboard. Although they’re pretty pricy (I paid around $160 for mine), you will never know how truly comfortable and responsive a keyboard can be until you type on one of these amazing keyboards. WASD keyboards sells a wide array of fantastic mechanical keyboards that you can customize to your liking. I’ve had mine for nearly a year, and there has never been a day where I regret my purchase  – and neither will you.


New hard drive

Do you need an extra backup of your critical files? Then purchase a new hard drive! Hard drives are dirt cheap nowadays (I recently purchased a 1TB USB-powered external for $50), so if you are worried about losing valuable data, backup! While cloud storage services are comforting to have, there’s nothing better than being able to pull out an extra hard drive and recover gigabytes of data in the span of a few minutes.


Cable sleeves for cord management

If you’re finding that it’s difficult to manage the cables in your office, then you need a cable organizer. Fortunately, OmniMount sells awesome OECMS Neoprene cable management sleeves that will give you a huge bang for your buck. While they are a bit of a hassle to use at first, once you have your cables organized and in order, you are going to be amazed how much cleaner your workspace looks; and as you know, a clean, tidy workspace can work wonders for productivity and morale. Get a few for your personal office, or heck: get a whole bunch for your indie studio!


Gift card to IKEA

Why? So you can build this awesome standing desk for yourself (just be sure you have at least $22 on the gift card)! We’ve mentioned standing desks in-depth here at Game Academy, but true standing desks are just too darn expensive! With Colin Nederkoorn and Ryan Wiit’s standing desk plans, that isn’t the case any longer. The linked post is chock full of great ideas for building their original standing desk for under $30, plus plans other users have come up with over the years that will allow you to comfortably stand all day and work – all around the cost of dinner for two at Applebee’s.


SuperNova Light Cube LED Bluetooth Speaker

This LED Bluetooth speaker isn’t just another Bluetooth speaker – far from it. Not only does it sound awesome, but the speaker also provides you with a light show full of prisms and bright LEDs that results in light patterns that seemingly pulsates to the audio. It’s one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever seen, so if you don’t want just another Bluetooth speaker, check out Thinkgeek’s SuperNova Light Cube Speaker.


Video games

Seriously, buy some video games. Steam is having an awesome Winter Sale until Jan. 2, and there’s some pretty hot titles out now for mobile devices and consoles since it’s the holiday season.


USB Mini Fridge and Heater

Last but not least is a product near-and-dear to my heart, the USB Mini Fridge and Heater. I hate drinking cold coffee, but it happens all the time: I get on a roll with my writing, forget how much time has passed, reach for my coffee cup, and become horrified that the coffee touching my lips is now ice cold. USB Geek’s USB Mini Fridge and Heater is the perfect solution, as it keeps your coffee cup warm via the power of your PC’s USB port!

But that’s not all. The fridge can also keep drinks cool as well. During those afternoons where you want to pop open a can of soda (or if it’s Friday – a beer) and drink it gradually, the USB Mini Fridge is undoubtedly the perfect solution.


Do you have any other gift ideas for your fellow indie devs? Let us know in the comments below. From Game Academy to you – happy holidays everyone!

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