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9 Oct 2014

How Indie Developers Can Reverse the Damage of Sitting All Day

If you are like most indie developers, you are sitting all day long. It beats hustling and performing manual labor all day for sure (been there and done that), but sitting all day is actually harmful to your health. As humans, we weren’t meant to sit down all day and work. Rather, we were meant to be active and moving around constantly, but in today’s society? That’s easier said than done.

Most work is done in a sitting position, and while it’s more comfortable than chasing down a wooly mammoth just to survive like our ancestors used to do, we still need to move around and be active every day. It’ll increase your stamina, help you to shed pounds, make you have more energy every day, and generally help you to continue feeling great. Below are a few ways to stay active as an indie developer and reverse the damage of sitting all day, every day.

Be active in something you enjoy doing

I hate exercising, and chances are you do too. To me, there’s nothing worse than standing in front of a television and exercising for 30 minutes to an hour. It just isn’t appealing to me.

However, I recently made it a goal to fit some sort of exercise into my daily schedule, which is why I joined a kickboxing fitness class. To say it kicked my butt is an understatement: I thought I was going to die the first week. But I’ve kept on and have started to see results. I sleep better, feel rested, have more energy, and I’m losing weight.

Do I still hate exercising? Absolutely. But instead of ‘exercising,’ I found an activity that’s actually a lot of fun: kickboxing. Now, I actually look forward to my daily classes.

If you hate exercising, find an active activity that you enjoy. Enjoy playing football with friends? Get a league going where you meet a few times a week. Like hiking? Go for a hike every day for about an hour. Find that active activity and stick with it, and you’ll feel great.

Get a standing desk

We’ve discussed the advantages of standing desks before, and for good reason: a standing desk is one of the best ways you to reverse the damage of sitting all day. However, you need to stand and sit in moderation (standing all day is also pretty bad for your body). We recommend sitting a few hours, standing a few more, etc. until you finish work.


The awesome blog The Art of Manliness details some awesome stretches to reverse the damage of sitting all day. I tried a few of them while writing this post, and take it from me: some of these are going to make you feel like Jell-O! Even so, they seem to work wonders, so go through them and try a few out after a long day of sitting and working.


Kind of along the same lines as stretching, yoga can also help to undo the damage of sitting all day. There are a ton of yoga videos out there on YouTube that are worth a shot, but if you want my recommendation, I suggest trying DDP Yoga. Remember how I said I hate doing exercise videos? Well, I have to take exception to DDP Yoga. I’ve done it a few times, and as far as workout videos go, it’s one of the best. Plus, it’s yoga: it’s perfect for reversing the damage of sitting all day, every day!

Have any comments/questions about reversing the damage of sitting all day? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: The Art of Manliness

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