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26 Jan 2015

Indie Dev Tools: Tools For Tracking Your Own Time

Nearly a year ago, we showcased a few tools for tracking the time of your outsourced employees. It’s worth a read if you want to keep your employees on track, but what can you do whenever you need tools to keep yourself on track? That’s where today’s post comes in. Consider the time tracking (and ultimately, time saving) tools below, and keep yourself on track.


The beauty of Toggl lies in its simplicity. Simply type what you are working on, start the timer, then stop it whenever you are finished. You can do this for any task as well – from chronicling how much time you spent on a task to how long you waste browsing Facebook. Moreover, you can tag your recorded time and monitor how much time certain tasks are taking. Toggl give syou a breakdown of what is consuming most of your time via charts so you can visually see where your day is going.


Don’t want to deal with a timer? Then consider TrackingTime: a tool that uses a task manager system instead of timers. Simply select which task you want to work on, and TrackingTime will keep track of how long you worked on a certain task. If you want your team to get in on the action too, you can send tasks for them to complete and watch their progress in real-time.


If you would rather track your time via your iDevice, there’s aTracker. It reminds me a lot of Toggl in the way that it can track every aspect of your work life with a simple click while visually showing you the amount of time of each task. You can select an alarm to sound when you are supposed to be finished with a task; perfect for keeping you on track. It’s free and supports dozens of languages, so check it out!


For those of you that want to track your time via your Android device, you need aTimeLogger. Just like the other tools on this list, aTimeLogger can track any task you can imagine while showing you how you spent your day. aTimeLogger can also double as a dayplanner as well. Keep track of everything that you do day-to-day with aTimeLogger, and take the mystery out of wondering where your time went!

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