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26 Aug 2014

Increase Your Indie Studio’s Google+ Hangouts On Air Audience

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We’ve talked about Google+ Hangouts On Air before, and we will stress it again: it’s a great way to improve your indie studio’s brand awareness. Especially if you have something to say live and on the air (which we’ll get to in a second), allowing your indie studio’s audience to interact with you live and in-person is one of the best ways to let people know the real ‘you.’ As we’ve mentioned in the past, getting people to know the real you is one of the best ways to market your brand. After all, people are more inclined to support brands that feel like a person is behind the brand itself versus a brand that feels lifeless, cold, and well – a brand!

We’ll say it again: Google+ Hangouts On Air is a solid way to grow your brand. How can you use this awesome feature to grow your overall audience? Take a look at the steps below to find out for yourself.


Ensure people actually want to hang out

Do you have a reason to host a Google+ Hangouts On Air? No? Then what makes you think people are going to show up in the first place (hint: they won’t). It’s the most important rule to using Google+ Hangouts On Air properly: always have a reason for using Google+ Hangouts On Air. If you don’t, you’re not helping build your brand.

Fortunately, finding a reason for hosting a Google+ Hangouts On Air session isn’t difficult. For example, if you want to show off some never-before seen gameplay footage of your indie game for your followers to watch, using Google+ Hangouts On Air is a great way to get your fans in one place so they can watch. From there, you can host a Q&A session where your followers (and people new to your brand that aren’t followers yet) can get to know you even better.

Finally, be sure to spread the news about your Google+ Hangouts On Air event with your followers on other social networks as well. You want to get as many people hanging out with you in real-time as possible, because who knows? It could turn into a regular event!


Collaborate with successful indie devs

Consider teaming up with indie developers that have a larger fanbase. Check out some of the indie devs you are following on other social media platforms to see which ones have a large/engaging fanbase, and ask them if they want to do a Google+ Hangouts On Air event with you to discuss anything related to indie gaming. After the two of you promote the event and your followers tune in, the both of you will benefit!

It’s called cross-promoting, and it’s something you should be doing regularly.


Tell everyone!

Let everyone know that you will be hosting a Google+ Hangouts On Air event soon, and discuss what is going to be showcased. A guest? Gameplay footage? Something else? Let your followers know every day that an event is coming! Share compelling visuals, ask questions, allow your followers to tell you what they want to see in the event or future Google+ Hangouts On Air events. In other words, be personable when marketing the event!

Do you have any tips or comments about using Google+ Hangouts On Air to grow your indie studio’s brand awareness? Let us know in the comments below!

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