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13 Jun 2014

The Importance of Community Managers

It is vital that your social media followers feel as if they know you. We’ve talked a lot about this before in several posts, but it bears repeating again: if you want your followers to truly engage with your brand and feel the need to support you any way they can, your fans need to feel a connection to you. By default, brands are faceless. They have no personality, and it is imperative that you change this immediately.

Community managers are perfect for achieving the results you need to put a bit of personality into your brand. Many brands hire a full-time community manager to be the voice of their brand and communicate with the brand’s social media followers on a regular basis, but if you are a small indie studio (and chances are you are), then you will need to fill this void yourself. What makes an excellent community manager? Find out below.


Excellent community managers show vulnerability

What do we mean by this? It’s okay to admit you are wrong, you do not know something, you need better ideas than the ones you have! In essence, you need to make your followers know that you need them, which will entice followers to try and help you. People want to feel wanted, and if they do, this establishes a bond. The same holds true for your indie studio and your fans.

Every chance you get, ask your followers to provide input on various aspects of your studio and your games. Of course, you do not want to look as if you are incompetent – then people will begin to wonder if you actually know what you are doing. Thus, balancing this fine line can be tricky, as you want to simultaneously ensure your followers know that you know what you are doing while asking them for advice that will not make you look foolish.

It’s a matter of practice making perfect, and before long, you will be able to see this line coming a mile away.



Give generously whenever you can. Give your support to your followers that seek your help, your time in order to help fans, and provide information whenever someone comes to your brand for advice. This gives you a perfect opportunity to share your insight into a topic while giving you a perfect opportunity to share relevant content. Ever noticed why many of our blog posts also have links to past posts? Not only are these past posts helpful, but they also allow our older content to be seen once again. It’s a win/win for both parties.

What if you do not have the answer to a certain question, but you know someone that does? Bring attention to their insight as well. For example, if a fellow indie developer wrote a blog post detailing an answer that one of your followers is seeking, share their blog post with the follower on your social media page and help them out while also helping out the indie dev as well! Not only will you help both parties, but your followers will quickly discover that you are not here to simply earn a better income, but you are truly available to help your followers with any questions, comments, etc. they may have.

That friends, is one of the major dimensions that drives brand loyalty.


Interact constantly, but be personable

This is truly the hallmark of a great community manager. By interacting constantly yet showcasing a personality that people will flock to, you are making your brand look personable – which in turn will increase the odds of your fans becoming lifelong customers. Being a great community manager is pretty simple when you get right down to it: you have truly want to interact with your followers, answer questions, give advice, be humble, admit you’re wrong, and showcase a genuinely positive personality/great sense of humor at all times.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t that simple: especially if you find your brand has an infestation of trolls at any given time. Even so, it is crucial that you stick by these points of advice no matter the situation, because believe me: a social media firestorm can nearly kill your brand.


You don’t want that to happen. Thus, abide by these tips at all times, and watch more people than ever before become committed to your brand.

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